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Halloween Cycling Mix

27 Oct

Happy (almost) Halloween!  I get so excited about the Halloween class because there are a ton of great songs to choose from.  Unfortunately, some really great songs have to be cut out since I can only use so many.  So just for you, I’ve added a list of other great tunes to use if you want to switch it up!  Here’s my official playlist:

(Click to enlarge it)

Here’s the player:

Quite a few songs from the playlist did not transfer over, so here they are for your listening pleasure:

Thunderbusters by Wax Audio:

Ultimate Halloween Music Dance Remix:

Psycho Theme Song:

Nightmare by Brainbug:


And here is a random playist with some songs that didn’t make the cut.  I hope you can find something you can use!

Any other great Halloween songs you’ve used that I missed?

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