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Uma Thurman Cycling Mix

17 Jan

Happy weekend cycling friends! First of all, thank you so much for all of your kind comments on my last post. ūüôā With it being January, I’m loving seeing some new faces in my classes and I’m hoping my new friends will stick with their resolutions to make indoor cycling a part of their life. On the other hand, I always hear complaints from regular gym goers this time of year about the ‘resolutioners’ that take over the gym every January. For those of you with mixed feelings, here’s a great article that might put it into perspective: n-NEW-YEARS-GYM-large570 If you haven’t been using Uptown Funk, you really need to get this song into your profiles. It does run a bit slower than 60 RPMs, but you can make it work. One of my class participants told me I had to see this recent performance of it on Ellen, so I had to go and see what that was all about. If you didn’t catch it, you’re going to love it-it will funk you up!:

Last night I taught my Total Body Cycling class, which is 45 minutes of cycling followed by 45 minutes of toning. I typically post my 60 minute playlists here on the blog so please be advised that this one is only 45 minutes.

Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson (3:19) Warm up in the saddle to this new tune by Kelly Clarkson. Your’e going to be hearing a lot of this one on the radio soon‚Ķ

Cry of The Celts by Ronan Hardiman (2:23) We took it out of the saddle for an easy standing climb here to continue our warm up.

Uma Turnman by Fall Out Boy (3:32) Keep it in the saddle for a seated climb. I always embrace new Fall Out Boy and this one doesn’t disappoint.

UpTown Funk by Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars (4:31) Standing climb alternating with seated flat

Wrong by The Airborne Toxic Event (4:16) more climbing in the saddle

Devil Drums by Scooter (5:24) 30 second seated accelerations-4 of them. I gave my folks the option of recovering in the saddle or working out of the saddle between accelerations.

We Walk by The Ting Tings (4:05) Standing climb with jumps on a hill.

Odenali Pi by E.S. Posthumus (5:07) Seated flat road

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody by Fergie, Q-Tip, GoodRock (4:01) Rider’s Choice. I allow riders to choose seated or standing climb here, or alternate between the two. I do ask them to find 20-30 seconds of time during the 4 minutes to really challenge themselves with their resistance and cadence.

A Well Oiled Machine by Haik Naltchayan (1:02) recover

House Tabata (Feat. Coach) by Tabata Songs (4:03) 8-20 second seated accelerations with 10 second recoveries.

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran: Cool down **because we go right into our toning class, I do not add a stretch song to my 45 minute playlists.

I hope you like the playlist and either use it as is, or as inspiration to create your own!

What’s on tap this week? Hmmm‚Ķ a long weekend is always enjoyable. Also, ¬†I’m now in my 6th week post-op and I’m easing back into Yoga with a gentle yoga class this week followed by my first ever meditation class! Finding time to meditate has been a goal of mine for a while, and I’m not great about doing it on my own, so I’m hoping the class will help motivate me to stick with it.

Do you add yoga and/or meditation to your cycling routine?


2013: My Year In Review and My Favorite Cycling Tunes!

24 Dec

It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by since I wrote my last ‘Year In Review’ post! It’s been a pretty quiet year, but I have definitely found some highlights to share.:)

It’s been a busy year for this little blog. I know it may not be the most popular indoor cycling blog out there, but I’d say it does pretty well considering it’s just my hobby. Here are some interesting stats:

*The majority of my referrers are search engines. People are always googling ‘Chrispins Music Blog’ or some other form of it. After search engines, I get a lot of traffic from Facebook.

*There were 70,620 visitors to the blog in 2013 (so far), and my busiest month was November. The average per day was 198 visits. (November had 324/day). My highest traffic day was November 25 with 500 views. My husband almost died when I told him my blog had that many visitors in one day. He couldn’t comprehend that so many people even care about spinning music!

*After my homepage, my most visited post was my Figure 8 Profile post

*Top clicks from my blog this year goes to….you guessed it! Spotify!

*My top commenter of 2013 was Jessica from FitTalker. ūüôā She’s got two great blogs you should definitely check out! ( Here’s the link to her food blog.)

Now onto my music highlights. If you are a Spotify user, you can generate your own ‘Spotify Year In Review’ by clicking here. I had some trouble with the link not working at first and then wasn’t able to share to any social networks (most likely because I’m using a Mac), but I am able to share the screen shot with you. Here ya go:

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 8.53.17 PM

Looking at the top ten tracks, I have to say, I’m not surprised at the outcome. How funny is it that number nine is a Tabata song! And I think Train is my top artist because my husband just decided he likes their music and he has hijacked my Spotify more than a few times!

In more Spotify news, check this out:

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 8.53.47 AM

As of today, I’m up to 809 followers! (812 since writing this post!) Wow!!I’m truly blown away by that number and I am getting new followers every day!

Speaking of Spotify, Here is the playlist that I used to commemorate some of my favorite songs of 2013. I chose songs that I loved for different parts of my ride, so of course some didn’t make the cut. I think I have a pretty good list here, and my riders agreed. We had a lot of fun with this ride!

Teaching notes:

San Francisco: It was a toss up for warm up song between this and Michael Franti’s ‘I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like). Today, I was just feeling this one more. Warm up

Pompeii: I think what I love most about this song is that it sounds like it could have been written in the 80’s. Continue to warm up and bring it out of the saddle for a light climb

Counting Stars: Hands down, this one comes from my favorite album that came out this year. So many great songs on this one, and this song has to be my favorite. Alternate seated/standing climb

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up): My absolute favorite on this playlist. Great for accelerations on the chorus. Seated accelerations @ :44(30 seconds), 1:40 (30 seconds) and 2:33 (40 seconds)

Timber: Truthfully, this might be my least favorite of the bunch, but I couldn’t NOT put a Pitbull song on the playlist! I do like it for a standing flat

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody: I love many of the songs from the Gatbsy album. This one is no exception. It’s old fashioned and modern at the same time. Seated fast flat

Timeless: I fell in love with this song the very first time I heard it. It’s so beautiful and we used it as a heavy standing climb, adding gear every 45 seconds or so.

Best I Ever Had: Another great one for seated accelerations on the chorus. :36 (30 seconds), 1:40 (30 seconds) and 2:44 (45 seconds)

Wake Me Up: Come on. This one MUST be on your list for favorite spinning tunes of 2013. It’s that good. I never tire of it. We started in the saddle and then came up for a standing climb.

Rebel Beat: Love me some Goo Goo Dolls! Seated climb

Heart Upon My Sleeve: At first listen, you may not think this song is so special, but I love when I find songs that have tempo changes where it makes sense to change from seated to standing climb and it just seems to fit with the music. :00-1:10 Seated climb; 1:10-2:19 Standing climb; 2:19-3:43 Seated climb and 3:43-4:43 Standing climb.

Gone, Gone, Gone: This song just makes me happy. Jumps on the chorus.

#That Power: This song keeps my riders motivated with a strong beat. #ThatPower=#onekickasscyclingsong – We used it as a standing flat.

Zorba’s Dance: A little off the beaten path, but my classes ALWAYS love this one. We start out on an easy flat road,and as the tempo increases, so does our cadence. And we finish with a juicy sprint at the end.

Say Something: So, so pretty. And sad. But I love it for a cool down.

Auld Lang Syne: Well, because it’s almost New Years!

I hope you liked my favorites of 2013. How did I do? Did I miss any? What songs are on your list this year?

And what would a year in review post be without telling you about the highlights from my year? Here’s the short list:

2nd Ride for Missing Children:

This is the second year that I participated in the Ride For Missing Children. You can read about the day of The Ride in this post. It was another incredible day and I was so proud to again be a part of such an amazing event. I was able to train riders indoors until the weather allowed us to get outside, which was a lot of fun. I loved seeing my riders do so great when they hit the road with the help of my training classes. I will not be participating in The Ride this year, but I will continue to support the mission of The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.



ICI Pro Profile:

I have been a contributor at ICI/PRO for over a year now and have written several articles there. This summer, I was lucky enough to be invited by ICI/PRO founder John MacGowan to record an audio-profile to be featured on the site. The profile and playlist along with our audio profile can be found by clicking the link below. It was a lot of fun and I hope I’m able to contribute more audio profiles in the future!

Click the picture to check it out on ICI/PRO (member content)

Click the picture to check it out on ICI/PRO (member content)

LiveFit Trainer:

I found this program on bodybuilding.com right before the beginning of summer. It’s a 12 week program and I have the whole summer off, so I figured I’d give it a shot! The end result? I loved it and saw some amazing results! I gained so much strength and I now feel completely comfortable going into the weight room at my gym by myself. I kept readers up to date on a weekly basis with my progress, so if you missed any of my posts, click the picture below:

Click the picture to see my Livefit posts!

Click the picture to see my Livefit posts!


Ok, this is a pretty recent development. I tried my very first yoga class a few weeks ago. And guess what? I really liked it! I’m going to try to get to Yoga once a week after the start of the new year, so I will keep you up to date on how that’s going soon!


Well, that’s my year in a nutshell.:) I’ll be back next week with my New Year playlist. If you’re thinking about putting one together, here’s a collaborative Spotify playlist for you to check out:

Everybody Loves Me Cycling Mix And Figure 8 Profile

16 Nov

I’m sharing two playlists with you today. I’m really loving the flow of the first playlist. The second is an older profile that I freshened up with a new, updated playlist. I’ve included Spotify and Deezer links for both. I hope you enjoy them both!

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 6.33.05 AM

Click to download

Click to download

click for Deezer playlist link

click for Deezer playlist link

See the ride profile notes in my original post —-> here!

click for Deezer playlist link

click for Deezer playlist link

Freedom Cycling Mix

6 Jul

I got quite a few requests for a Fourth of July playlist, but I didn’t do one this year because I was away the week before the fourth. ¬†I’ve seen tons of great instructor playlists as well as collaborative 4th of July playlists over on Facebook and Spotify, so be sure to check them out.

Since I missed out on creating an entire playlist to celebrate Independence Day, I made sure I added this one to tonight’s mix: Freedom Song by Neil Diamond. ¬†It’s a benefit song available on iTunes and Amazon for $1.29 and 50% of the proceeds go to The Wounded Warrior Project and 50% goes to One Fund Boston. ¬†It’s going to make a nice cool down tonight. ¬†ūüôā


Click here to listen in iTunes

In yesterday’s post, I talked a little bit about how I was able to modify some of my workouts while I was away from home. ¬†If I can get a great workout in my little tiny camper, it’s possible to get one anywhere! ¬†And don’t think strength training always has to be done with weights. I carried my dumbbells along with me this time, but if I hadn’t, I could have still gotten a great workout just using my own body weight. ¬†Here’s a link to some exercises you can do anywhere using just your own body weight:


Click here to check them out!

Remember when I posted about how excited I was to see that Spotify had made some changes with their newest upgrade? ¬†Well, here’s another amazing upgrade that they added: ¬†You can now change the order of songs within your playlist on your phone! ¬†That’s right, you don’t have to wait until you are in front of your computer to do it. ¬†That’s a pretty handy feature if you are away from home and need to change song order in a pinch! ¬†**Note that you can only do this with your own playlists, not playlists that you are ‘following’. ¬†You can see all the new upgrade features here.

On to tonight’s playlist:

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 3.32.48 PM

San Francisco: Warm up

Let’s Go: Continue warm up, easy standing flat

Don’t Blink: Standing climb

Best I Ever Had: Seated accelerations @ :36 (30 seconds); 1:49 (25 seconds) and 2:44 (25 seconds)

Wake Me Up: :00-:39-Seated climb; :39-1:56 Standing climb; 1:56-3:13 Seated climb; 3:13-4:40 Standing climb

Let Us Love: Seated climb

You Are My Sunshine: Standing flat

Been Caught Stealing: Standing climb with accelerations @ :50 (30 seconds); 1:38 (20 seconds) and 3:04 (20 seconds)

Live Your Life: Seated Flat

Putting on The Ritz: Standing climb

Call Me Spaceman: Seated accelerations @ :30 (20 seconds) and 2:00 (30 seconds)

Slid: 8 and 4 count jumps

Collide: Standing flat

Who Won: Recovery

Tabata: Seated accelerations (20 seconds x 8)

Freedom Song: Cool Down

Stand By Me: Stretch

I Don’t Care (I Love It) Cycling Mix

24 Jun



It still really hasn’t hit me that I’m on summer vacation yet. ¬†It typically takes me a few weeks to really get into the groove. ¬†The fact that I don’t have to get up and get ready for work tomorrow makes me pretty happy though. ¬†It’s not the work part that gets me, because I do love my job. ¬†It’s the getting out of bed and getting dressed and ready that I won’t miss for a few months. ¬†ūüôā

Here’s the playlist for Monday night’s class:



And here are the teaching notes:

Into The Wild: Love this song from the Citi commercial.  Warm up in the saddle.

I Love It:¬† Ok, I have to admit that when I first heard this song, I really liked it, but I thought it might just be a little too much for my group. Now that it’s a little more mainstream (It’s been used in several tv shows and commercials), I think they can take it. ¬†Continue warming up here and bring it up out of the saddle.

Every Good Thing: Standing climb. ¬†Not too heavy on the resistance here. ¬†We’re into the third song, but really, we are still getting warmed up.¬†

Carried Away: Seated accelerations

Counting Stars: Alternate seated/standing flat

I Got You: Here’s one that’s new to me. ¬†My husband and I were painting our bathroom this weekend and turned on the ‘Spotify Radio’ to keep us entertained. ¬†He loves listening to the ballads of the 70’s (think America & Bread), but that gets REALLY old after a few songs. ¬†So we compromised and listened to ‘Jason Mraz Radio’. ¬†Nice and mellow yet still a little bit contemporary. This is the first time I’d heard this one and I thought it would make a great standing climb.

Give A Little Bit: seated climb

Take California: ¬†I’ve used this one so many times, I can’t even count, but it never gets old. ¬†It’s definitely one of my favorite spin songs of all time. ¬†Standing climb

Clarity: Seated accelerations

What Are You Going To Do When You Aren’t Saving the World?: :00-1:42 Seated climb; 1:42-2:24 Standing climb; 2:42-3:30 Seated Flat; 3:30-3:35 Seated climb; 3:35-5:00 Standing climb; 5:00 Recover

Live it Up: Standing flat

Give A Little Bit: Just for fun, another short and sweet version of this great tune.  Recovery time

Tabata: Seated accelerations 8×20 with 10 second recovery between

The Scientist: Cool down

Washed By The Water: Stretch



Set, Slam, Return, Recover Cycling Mix

18 Jun

Tonight I used another Pedal-On profile and my group really enjoyed it! ¬†This one is called ‘Set, Slam, Return, Recover ‘or ‘SSrr’ for short.. ¬†Credit goes to Pedal-On member ‘Pink’ for this challenging profile.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 9.05.05 PM

If you checked out the original profile, you will notice that I changed the second loop from a seated flat to a standing flat/climb. I also made some minor timing changes.The profile is pretty simple.  It consists of a nice long warm up, 5 loops and cool down.

The warm up is 9 minutes.  I started the warm up in the saddle and finished out of the saddle.

Each loop (with the exception of  loop 5) consists of four components:

1. Set:  Depending on the movement, set the pace here and maintain it.

2. Slam: Pick up your cadence and go fast but controlled.

3. Return: ¬†Resist the urge to recover. ¬†Return to your ‘set’ pace.

4. Recover

Loop 1:  Seated Flat-(7:00)

1.  4 minutes SET

2.  30 seconds SLAM

3.  1 minute RETURN

4.  1 minute, 30 seconds RECOVER

Loop 2: Standing Flat/Climb (8:30)

1. 4 minutes SET

2. 30 seconds SLAM

3. 3 minutes RETURN

4.  1 minute RECOVER *in the saddle

Loop 3:  Seated Climb (9:30)

1.  4 minutes SET

2.  30 seconds SLAM

3.  3 minute RETURN

4.  2 minutes RECOVER

Loop 4:  Standing Climb (11:00)

1. 4 minutes SET

2. 30 seconds SLAM

3. 3 minutes RETURN

4. 3 minutes, 30 seconds RECOVER *in the saddle

Loop 5: Riders Choice (6:00) 

1. 3 minutes SET

2. *1 minute SLAM*

3. 2 minutes RETURN

I told my riders that they could choose any combination of movements in Loop 5.  Most of them chose a standing climb for SET and RETURN and then a seated one minute SLAM.

Please comment if you try this profile and let me know how it went, or share any different playlists you’ve used with this profile. Of course, if you have any questions feel free to comment as well!

Have a great week! ¬†See you soon with my ‘School’s Out’ playlist! ¬†ūüôā

Live Your Life Cycling Mix

8 Jun

I haven’t shared a ‘What’s on Repeat’ here on the blog in a while, so I thought I’d throw it in with this week’s playlist post.

What’s on my ‘repeat radar’ this week? ¬†MIKA’s new single: Live Your Life. ¬†It’s a catchy little song that I used as part of my warm up but would also work well as a flat road. ¬†I hope you like it as much as I do!

The other recent release that I’m digging is ‘Odds Are’ by The Barenaked Ladies. ¬†I don’t love all of their stuff but I do like this one: ¬†I like the lyrics and it has a pretty good beat to it. ¬†It definitely worked well for our first standing climb:

Here’s the playlist in Spotify:

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.59.50 AM

And here are the teaching notes:

Live Your Life: Warm up in the saddle

I Want To Break Free: ¬†This one is from my local files. ¬†I’m not exactly sure where I got a hold of it, but it’s a mashup of Queen’s ‘I Want To Break Free’ and The Black Eyed Peas’ ‘The Time (Dirty Bit). ¬†Break free from the saddle and bring it up for a continuation of the warm up.

Odds Are: Standing climb (moderate)

My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up):  I really have know idea what that even means, but I LOVE this song for seated accelerations on the chorus.

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’: You can really never go wrong with MJ. ¬†Standing flat

Zion: Seated climb

White Fences: Another new realease from one of my favorites: NEEDTOBREATHE.  This one is a heavy standing climb.

Need Your Love: Standing flat

Lift Off: Seated accelerations @ :26 (30 seconds); 1:34 (30 seconds) and 2:40 (20 seconds)

Put The Gun Down: Standing climb

That’s All: ¬†Here’s an old tune that I love. For some reason we were talking about Phil Collins at lunch the other day and my student teacher, who is 22 years old said, “Who’s Phil Collins”? ¬†Oh man. ¬†I hope she has at least heard this one before. ¬†Seated flat

Oh Mangalem: Alternate seated/standing climb

Kumbalewe:  We took this nearly 8 minute song and broke it into a few different moves: Seated climb/seated flat/standing climb/8-4 count jumps.  It definitely broke it up and made the hard work more manageable.

Situations: Recovery

Tabata: Seated accelerations (8×20 seconds, 10 second recoveries)

93 Million Miles: Cool Down

Some Kind Of Broken: Cool Down/Stretch

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