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Everybody Loves Me Cycling Mix And Figure 8 Profile

16 Nov

I’m sharing two playlists with you today. I’m really loving the flow of the first playlist. The second is an older profile that I freshened up with a new, updated playlist. I’ve included Spotify and Deezer links for both. I hope you enjoy them both!

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 6.33.05 AM

Click to download

Click to download

click for Deezer playlist link

click for Deezer playlist link

See the ride profile notes in my original post —-> here!

click for Deezer playlist link

click for Deezer playlist link


Freedom Cycling Mix

6 Jul

I got quite a few requests for a Fourth of July playlist, but I didn’t do one this year because I was away the week before the fourth.  I’ve seen tons of great instructor playlists as well as collaborative 4th of July playlists over on Facebook and Spotify, so be sure to check them out.

Since I missed out on creating an entire playlist to celebrate Independence Day, I made sure I added this one to tonight’s mix: Freedom Song by Neil Diamond.  It’s a benefit song available on iTunes and Amazon for $1.29 and 50% of the proceeds go to The Wounded Warrior Project and 50% goes to One Fund Boston.  It’s going to make a nice cool down tonight.  🙂


Click here to listen in iTunes

In yesterday’s post, I talked a little bit about how I was able to modify some of my workouts while I was away from home.  If I can get a great workout in my little tiny camper, it’s possible to get one anywhere!  And don’t think strength training always has to be done with weights. I carried my dumbbells along with me this time, but if I hadn’t, I could have still gotten a great workout just using my own body weight.  Here’s a link to some exercises you can do anywhere using just your own body weight:


Click here to check them out!

Remember when I posted about how excited I was to see that Spotify had made some changes with their newest upgrade?  Well, here’s another amazing upgrade that they added:  You can now change the order of songs within your playlist on your phone!  That’s right, you don’t have to wait until you are in front of your computer to do it.  That’s a pretty handy feature if you are away from home and need to change song order in a pinch!  **Note that you can only do this with your own playlists, not playlists that you are ‘following’.  You can see all the new upgrade features here.

On to tonight’s playlist:

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 3.32.48 PM

San Francisco: Warm up

Let’s Go: Continue warm up, easy standing flat

Don’t Blink: Standing climb

Best I Ever Had: Seated accelerations @ :36 (30 seconds); 1:49 (25 seconds) and 2:44 (25 seconds)

Wake Me Up: :00-:39-Seated climb; :39-1:56 Standing climb; 1:56-3:13 Seated climb; 3:13-4:40 Standing climb

Let Us Love: Seated climb

You Are My Sunshine: Standing flat

Been Caught Stealing: Standing climb with accelerations @ :50 (30 seconds); 1:38 (20 seconds) and 3:04 (20 seconds)

Live Your Life: Seated Flat

Putting on The Ritz: Standing climb

Call Me Spaceman: Seated accelerations @ :30 (20 seconds) and 2:00 (30 seconds)

Slid: 8 and 4 count jumps

Collide: Standing flat

Who Won: Recovery

Tabata: Seated accelerations (20 seconds x 8)

Freedom Song: Cool Down

Stand By Me: Stretch

I Don’t Care (I Love It) Cycling Mix

24 Jun



It still really hasn’t hit me that I’m on summer vacation yet.  It typically takes me a few weeks to really get into the groove.  The fact that I don’t have to get up and get ready for work tomorrow makes me pretty happy though.  It’s not the work part that gets me, because I do love my job.  It’s the getting out of bed and getting dressed and ready that I won’t miss for a few months.  🙂

Here’s the playlist for Monday night’s class:



And here are the teaching notes:

Into The Wild: Love this song from the Citi commercial.  Warm up in the saddle.

I Love It:  Ok, I have to admit that when I first heard this song, I really liked it, but I thought it might just be a little too much for my group. Now that it’s a little more mainstream (It’s been used in several tv shows and commercials), I think they can take it.  Continue warming up here and bring it up out of the saddle.

Every Good Thing: Standing climb.  Not too heavy on the resistance here.  We’re into the third song, but really, we are still getting warmed up. 

Carried Away: Seated accelerations

Counting Stars: Alternate seated/standing flat

I Got You: Here’s one that’s new to me.  My husband and I were painting our bathroom this weekend and turned on the ‘Spotify Radio’ to keep us entertained.  He loves listening to the ballads of the 70’s (think America & Bread), but that gets REALLY old after a few songs.  So we compromised and listened to ‘Jason Mraz Radio’.  Nice and mellow yet still a little bit contemporary. This is the first time I’d heard this one and I thought it would make a great standing climb.

Give A Little Bit: seated climb

Take California:  I’ve used this one so many times, I can’t even count, but it never gets old.  It’s definitely one of my favorite spin songs of all time.  Standing climb

Clarity: Seated accelerations

What Are You Going To Do When You Aren’t Saving the World?: :00-1:42 Seated climb; 1:42-2:24 Standing climb; 2:42-3:30 Seated Flat; 3:30-3:35 Seated climb; 3:35-5:00 Standing climb; 5:00 Recover

Live it Up: Standing flat

Give A Little Bit: Just for fun, another short and sweet version of this great tune.  Recovery time

Tabata: Seated accelerations 8×20 with 10 second recovery between

The Scientist: Cool down

Washed By The Water: Stretch



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