Freshening Up Four Corners

25 May

Hey Everyone!

This week I have two new playlists to share with you. 🙂

The first playlist is called ‘Kick Ass’ and it truly lives up to it’s name. Thanks to Irene for turning me on to the song that inspired it’s title. She knows I have a soft spot for MIKA:

In case it doesn’t show up in the Spotify player, here is the iTunes link for the song (check the teaching notes for song order):

Watching You Watch Him: Warm Up in the saddle

Evacuate the Dance Floor: Continue warm up seated/standing

Kick Ass: Standing climb

Breaking the Law: Seated accelerations @ 36 (20 seconds), 1:11 (20 seconds) and 2:09 (25 seconds)

Midnight: :00-2:50 Standing climb; 2:50 Seated flat; 3:45 Standing climb; 5:00 seated flat, 5:58 Standing climb with Jumps on a hill

Pompeii: Seated Climb

CHildren: Standing climb

Zorba’s Dance: seated flat

Superbad:standing climb

99 Red Balloons: Seated flat with accelerations @ 1:10 (30 seconds) and 2:30 (30 seconds)

Oye 2014: Riders Choice

Call To Arms: Recovery

House Tabata: I’ve tried several different types of Tabata songs from different albums, but my guys tell me they like these traditional songs the best. I use several from this album in my rotation. Seated accelerations 8×20 with 10 second recoveries.

I Won’t Give Up: Cool Down

The Book Of Love: Stretch

Deezer Link:

Since I recorded this podcast with John Macgowan from ICI/PRO a while back, I’ve gotten some great reviews from people that have used the Four Corners Profile as is, as well as people that have changed it up to incorporate their own music, and even from people that have used it as a 30 or 45 minute class. Any way you do it: IT”S ALL GOOD!

I decided to revisit it this week with a fresh playlist and it was very well received by my group. I did leave the last song Manju as is because I just love it for the four minute finale!

You can find the profile on ICI/PRO by clicking here. Here is the playlist:

I hope you enjoy the two playlists!

Deezer Link for Four Corners Freshened Up:


6 Responses to “Freshening Up Four Corners”

  1. kristinebarry June 3, 2014 at 10:43 am #

    I couldn’t agree more about the TABATA! I am constantly rotating the “metal tabata” and the “house tabata” from that album! I have been searching for new tabata music for months but no luck 😦

    PS Thanks for 99 red balloons love it!

    • chrispins June 3, 2014 at 11:16 am #

      My folks actually ask for the older Tabata tracks. Especially when I try to pull out the newer Tabata tracks. They find the older ones motivating. I do too, but I always think I’m boring them with the same old stuff-guess not!

      Glad you liked 99 Red Balloons!!

  2. Tammy June 7, 2014 at 9:56 pm #

    Chris I get the four corner idea but what drills are you using? i am not a member of the iC so i couldnt find the teaching notes

  3. Tammy June 29, 2014 at 11:16 pm #

    Would like your teaching notes on Four Corners?? Cant seem to find them


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