Two New Playlists: Love Runs Out & Do Your Thing

26 Apr

Since I’ve been a bit of a slacker about updating the blog lately I am sharing TWO new playlists with you today!

The first playlist includes a few of my favorite newly released tunes:

Shake Your Hips: Seated warm up

Love Runs Out: Warm up seated—–> standing

Put the Gun down: Standing climb

Thunderstruck: Seated accelerations

Sing: standing flat

Feet Don’t Fail Me Now: Seated flat road

Shot at The Night: standing climb

Storm: seated accelerations

Bodyrock: Alternate seated/standing climb

Sin Wagon: Seated acceleration

Slid-Glid Edit: Jumps

It’s You: Rider’s choice (seated or standing flat or alternating)

Trade Secrets: Recover

Tabata: Seated accelerations 8×20 seconds. !0 second recoveries

Over You : Cool Down

Hearts on Fire: Stretch

Deezer Link:

Playlist #2:

Do Your Thing: warm up seated

Timber: continue warm up seated—–> standing

Home: Alternate seated standing climb

Young Volcanoes: Seated Flat

Hello: Seated Accelerations

Sanctuary: Standing climb

War Again: Fast seated flat

Sing: Jumps @ :40 (8ct) and 2:00 (4ct)

Lola Montez: Seated accelerations @ :25 (20 seconds); 1:13 (25 seconds); 2:25(30 seconds) and 4:00 (30 seconds)

Who’s Gonna Save Us: Seated climb

On The Drums: Alternate seated/standing flat

Ground Rules: Recovery

Metal Tabata: Seated accelerations 8×20 seconds with 10 second recoveries.

Let Your Light Shine: Cool down

Superman: Stretch

Deezer Link:


2 Responses to “Two New Playlists: Love Runs Out & Do Your Thing”

  1. steve:spin:list April 27, 2014 at 2:55 am #

    Some good finds…Thanks for sharing!

    • chrispins April 27, 2014 at 3:43 pm #

      Thanks Steve! Loving some of the new releases lately. It’s going to be another great year for music!

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