Chrismaspins, Grammys and a few Cycling Mixes

7 Dec

Beware: Super long post ahead. No worries, though, it’s filled with amazing music ideas for your upcoming classes!

Let’s get started with some Christmas tunes. I’ve never done a Christmas playlist, but I do sprinkle in Christmas tunes throughout the month of December. I try to keep it limited to Christmas songs that either really rock or have a great beat, and/or, those that are not typically heard over and over on the radio. Trust me, by the first week of December, folks are pretty tired of hearing Christmas songs already. With that being said, I hope I can help you bring some Christmas cheer to your classes by hooking you up with some great Christmas tunes, all in one place!

If you love Spotify like I do, here are a few playlists you might want to check out. The first is a collaborative playlist, courtesy of Evan:

Remember, in order to add to a collaborative Spotify playlist, you must first subscribe to it.

I took some great ideas from this playlist and created my own playlist of favorites. This list includes songs that I will be adding to my playlists this season as well as songs that I just like to listen to. Like this one:

Amazing, right?

Here’s my Spotify Christmas Favorites:

Here’s are a few more Spotify Christmas playlists. Maybe you like pop…:

…or maybe you’re a little more hipster:

Either way, you’re sure to find something you love to either listen to or cycle to.

Well, that should get you started, right? If you have a great Christmas song that you love to cycle to, please share it in the comments!

Now, on to the Grammy nominations. This year’s nominees can be found here.

I always love creating a playlist based on Grammy nominated songs. They typically are songs we’ve used and loved all year long anyway, right? So excited for Lorde’s nomination this year! I will be creating my Grammy playlist soon and I hope to have it posted by next week for you. 🙂

And last, it’s time to share my latest playlist. This was a great mix from last night’s class. I hope you love it!

Here’s how we rolled:

Never Gonna Let You Go: Warm up

Boneless: Continue warm up seated—> standing

Best Day Of My Life: This song just makes me happy! I can’t get enough of it lately. Alternate seated/standing climb.

Stamp on The Ground: Seated accelerations @ :54 ( 25 seconds), 1:58 (25 seconds); 2:50 (30 seconds)

Horchata: Gotta include this one on my first December playlist! Standing climb

Love Me Again: Another one on my repeat radar. Seated flat

Survival: Quite possibly one of my favorite climbs. Were bringing it out of the saddle here for a heavy climb. It is a race, and I’m going to win.

Breakin’ a Sweat: More seated accelerations @ 1:15 (25 seconds), 2:11 (25 seconds), 3:33 (25 seconds) and 4:27 (30 seconds)

Behind Blue Eyes: Alternate 30 seconds seated/standing climb

The Storm: Seated climb

My Body: Rider’s choice

Xtina’s Xmas Interlude: recovery

Tabata: seated acclerations–Tabata style!

A Long December: Cool Down

Come To Me: Stretch

I also taught a class this Saturday morning. Something I do about once a month. These classes are about 50 minutes, shorter than my typical hour, so my Saturday playlists are always a bit shorter. I also almost always use a mashup of some of my favorites from recent playlists, so it always ends up being a great mix and tons of fun! Here’s what I used this week:

Have a fantastic week!


One Response to “Chrismaspins, Grammys and a few Cycling Mixes”

  1. rfsweet December 14, 2013 at 8:22 pm #

    Your blog continues to give me inspiration when I am struggling with music. This week’s playlist is awesome!!

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