Halloween Song Ideas and Open Road Cycling Mix

25 Oct

It’s that time of year again!  I have to admit, Halloween is my LEAST favorite holiday, but I love putting together my halloween playlist because there are some GREAT tunes out there.  I’ll be posting my Halloween playlist early next week.  If you haven’t created yours yet, don’t forget to check out this amazing list of Halloween themed tunes that we’ve put together on Spotify.  Thanks to all of the instructors and friends that have collaborated on this one.  It will be hard to narrow it down to just one playlist!

**If you would like to add to the playlist, all you need to do is subscribe to it and then add songs as you normally would.  🙂

Here are two new releases that I’m loving to go along with the Halloween theme (both will definitely make the final cut for my playlist this year):

Here is my latest playlist in Spotify:

Teaching Notes:

The Beautiful People: warm up

Timber:  Continue warm up—> standing flat

Hell and Back:  Alternate seated/standing climb

Devil Drums:  seated accelerations (30 on/30 off)

Shine:  Standind climb

Open Road Song:  Seated flat

Canyons: :00-1:00 Standing climb; 1:00-2:39 seated climb; 2:39-3:45 Standing climb; 3:45-5:38 seated climb; 5:38-7:29 Standing climb

Granite:  seated accelerations @ :48 (20 seconds); 2:05 (25); 3:27 (25); 4:15 (20 seconds)

They Don’t Care About Us:

Every Little Bit:  Rider’s choice-seated or standing flat/climb

Monaco: recover

Miserlou: Tabata-seated accelerations (8×20 with 10 second recoveries)

She’s Got a Way:  Cool Down

Here Comes The Sun:  Stretch

Deezer Link (The song ‘Canyons’ by Avicii is missing from the Deezer playlist.)

Have a great weekend!


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