Welcome to Tabata! And a Feisty Cycling Mix

12 Oct

I’ve been all about HIIT training lately, so I decided to step it up this week and add some Tabata training to my non-cycling workouts.  In addition to my weight training yesterday, I did a 20 minute Tabata session that kicked my A**!  Here’s the workout:

**5 Minute Warm Up

**5 Rounds of Tabatas=20 minutes with 1 minute rest between Tabata rounds

(I took several of the exercises from this video from fitnessblender.com

1.  Burpees and Reverse Lunges

2.  2 Momentum Lunges and 2 Counts Quick Feet

3.  High Knees

4.  Jack Cross/ Toe Touch

5.  Lateral Jump and Knees

I created this playlist of Tabata songs on Spotify and included a five minute warm-up to help me time the workout.  I paused the music for 1 minute between intervals:

If you haven’t tried a twenty minute Tabata intervals, I definitely recommend it.  It will kick your butt and it’s great if you are short on time.  You can change up the exercises to mix it up a little too.  I’ll post more exercise ideas as I complete more of these workouts.  The playlist is great, because it does the timing without the need for setting your stopwatch. And even though the Tabata music is a little cheesy, it’s more motivating than no music!  🙂

And speaking of music, here’s my latest playlist:


Included in this playlist is a great mashup that was shared by some of my Former Cycling Pinger friends:


Deezer link

Enjoy the weekend!


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