Applause Cycling Mix: Teaching Notes

8 Sep

I had a few requests for my teaching notes from my latest playlist.  You can see the blog post here

Applause:  Warm up

Turn Up The Night: Continue warm up.  Seated——>standing climb

Don’t Blink:  Standing climb

I Love It:  Loving this Tiesto version for seated accelerations @ :45 (30 seconds), 1:45 (30 seconds) and 3:15 (45 seconds)

Hey Na Na:  Alternate seated/standing climb

Hole in The Road (3:21) Seated climb

Bom Bom Bom (3:05) Jumps @ :39 (8 ct. x4), 1:23 (4 ct. x8) and 2:20 (4 ct. x8)

Onta: I don’t know why I’ve been into Cirque Du Soleil  lately.  If you haven’t checked out some of this music, you definitely should.  It’s different for sure, but I always get positive comments on it when I use it.  Here’s how I used this one:  :00-1:00 Seated climb; 1:00-1:17 seated flat; 1:17-2:10 Seated climb; 2:10-4:20 standing heavy climb; 4:20-5:30 Seated climb; 5:30-6:35 seated flat.

Stutter (3:17) Standing flat

Roar (3:43) Standing climb

Crash and Burn (3:09) Seated accelerations @ :32 (25 seconds) and 2:09 (25 seconds)

Our Song (3:01) seated flat

Hello (3:13) Standing flat

Breaking Bad: recovery

Tabata:  Seated accelerations  *****Check out Chris Jordan’s  (SpinningFreak) recent blog post which has a great explanation of the science behind Tabata and how to coach them in your classes.  I typically use seated accelerations, but you can also use standing climbs as Chris does.

Let Her Go: Cool Down ***This one has been on repeat in my car all week.  So pretty.

Wherever You Will Go: Stretch



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