Goodbye Summer :(

29 Aug


This summer I picked up an extra class when another instructor left my gym.  It was just for six weeks or so, but I was excited to help out, especially since it’s a morning class and I normally teach evenings.  It was great to meet some new riders and I just loved the energy of this group.  I would guess that the average age of the riders is 65 or so.  These amazing ladies and gentlemen  worked their asses off every week and I know they had as much fun as I did!

So as my last week of summer vacation comes to a close, I am going to leave my morning group with a special playlist and some special treats to take home with them after the ride.  Who knows? Maybe some of them will try an evening class one day and our paths will cross again.  I sure hope so.

Here is my official End of Summer/Back to School/Goodbye playlist: (Be sure to check the screen shot, since a few songs are from my local files and didn’t make it to the Spotify player.)

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 8.11.01 PM

And here’s the Deezer link:

(Deezer users:  All of the songs from Spotfiy did not transfer over to Deezer, so please check the above screen shot for the full playlist.  I need to spend some more time to work out the kinks here, so bear with me Deezer users :))

Teaching notes:

I Don’t Wanna Go:  (This is going to be my theme song when I drag myself out of bed on the first day back to school.)  🙂  Warm up

September:  Continue warm up in the saddle then bring it up to a standing climb

Don’t You Forget About Me: Alternate seated/standing climb

The Boys of Summer:  Seated accelerations on the chorus.  Yes, the last one is one minute long.  Pace yourself. 🙂

Bang on The Drum: standing flat

Grease Megamix:  3 songs in one: First song-seated flat, second song-seated fast flat, last song: standing climb

Hot for Teacher:  Seated accelerations

Shosholoza:  (Shosholoza means ‘go forward’) standing climb.

End of the Summer:  Heavy standing climb

Zorba’s Dance (This class LOVED this one when I used it a few week’s back, so I thought I’d throw it in.)  It’s a ton of fun and there were hoots and hollers when we finished the last 20 seconds with a sprint!).  :00-1:00 seated flat.  1:00 faster cadence as the tempo picks up.  Sprint the last 20 seconds to finish

Should I Stay or Should I Go:  Standing climb with accelerations on the chorus

Proper Education:  Standing flat/climb

Diablo Rojo:  Seated accelerations-5 @ 30 seconds with 30 second recoveries.

Good Riddance: Cool down

Wake Me Up When September Ends: Continue Cool down/stretch

*LiveFit Trainer Update: First of all, thank you for all of your comments and well wishes!  You might remember that I finished day 5 out of 6 in week 10 and then threw my back out. 😦  I really thought about stopping the LiveFit program and just going back to doing my own thing after I got back to school and back into the swing of things.  Then I went clothes shopping.  I found myself in the dressing room at H&M  flexing my muscles in the 3 way mirror.  I don’t have access to a three way mirror at home, so I guess I didn’t realize how much more toned I’d become over the past 10 weeks.  I saw muscles I didn’t even know I had. Especially in my back, which I obviously wasn’t aware of.  ( Thankfully there are no cameras in the dressing rooms.  At least I don’t think there are…. ) I was so excited to see these results that I knew I couldn’t just quit with only 2 more weeks to go.


My back was feeling better so I decided to start back up again after just a few days off.  I originally thought that I would skip that last day of week 10 and  head right into week 11, but then I realized that the last day was a leg day.  I really don’t love leg days, but I need them for sure, so I didn’t want to miss out.  So I finished my leg day and started  Week 11 on Monday 🙂  Also, I’ve been doing a lot of my workouts at the gym, but this week I will be modifying most of them to do at home because I have a super-busy week and I need to fit in my workouts when I can.  The workouts in the last two weeks (at least the weights) are a bit shorter than weeks 9 and 10 which is good since I’m short on time.

I’m so  glad I decided to stick with it.  Hopefully my back will continue to  cooperate!  So stay tuned for the official LiveFit Trainer 12 week review!!!!!


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