MJ and Friends Mix

12 Aug

I really love a good mashup.  I don’t always have time to search for them though.  That’s why I was so excited when some friends on the Former Cycling Pingers Facebook group posted this 21:00 (That’s right, I said 21:00) Michael Jackson mashup last week.  

I love Michael Jackson.  In fact, I may be one of the few instructors that continues to use Thriller in my Halloween playlist every year.  (Il’ll never understand why so many instructors hate on Thriller at Halloween time!)  Anyway, this mashup is a great one. I’ve listened through it quite a few times and I mapped out my ride plan last night.  As I listened, I tried to tally all of the songs that are mashed up in there.  I may not be accurate, but I counted something like 12 Michael Jackson songs and 13 ‘other’ songs.  Pretty cool.  Here’s the download and what I did with it.  Oh, and watch for the F-bomb around 18:28!  If you do use it, I hope you have fun with it!  

00-1:15 Seated Climb, 1:15-2:36 Standing climb, 2:36-4:27 Fast seated flat, 4:27-6:03 Standing climb, 6:03-6:50 Seated climb, 6:50-11:39 Standing climb (I will be including some jumps in here) 11:39-14:18 Seated flat & recovery, 14:18-17:17 Standing flat, 17:17-19:54 Seated Flat, 19:54 Seated climb to the finish.

I also thought I’d see how we were doing at about the 16:00 mark and give riders a choice of positions until the finish.  We’ll see how it goes.  

How are you using this mashup in your classes?


Here’s the rest of the playlist:

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