Killer Sprints and a Killer Playlist

10 Aug

Let’s start with ‘What’s On Repeat’.  I kind of lost track of this one when I deleted all of my Spotify playlists about a month ago.  It’s pretty much been on repeat since I found it again. Lorde is a 16 year old student from New Zealand, and  her sound is well beyond her years. I’ll be using it in my next playlist as a short but steep climb.

I just realized that I never posted Friday’s playlist, so here it is for you.  My class really enjoyed the Haik Naltchayan song in the middle which we broke into both seated and standing climbs as well as a stretch of flat road.  Be sure to also check out the timely cover of Don Henley’s Boys of Summer by KT Tunstall which just came out this week.  Kind of haunting and pretty, just right for a cool down/stretch.

*2 songs that are from my local files (and not showing up here) are song #3: (Shazamed from the gym and kind of an awesome throwback:) Fake Friends by Joan Jett, and this always cheesy version of Crunchy Granola Suite (song# 5)


So today I started my first day of LiveFit Trainer Phase 3 and all I can say is WOW!  Let me just begin by telling you that if you are interested in doing this program, Phase 3 is pretty intense.  My house is within about a quarter of a mile radius to the gym and the track, and todays workout (including track sprints and travel time) took me two hours.  I might also mention that the gym was empty and I pretty much had no distractions so I went straight through the workout.  Lucky for me, I have the time right now to do it, but I can’t see doing it when I’m working full time.

I really enjoyed the working sets and active rests as well as the supersets.  It kept my heart rate up the entire time and it made the workout seem to go by quickly. The second part of the workout called for treadmill sprints. I am NOT a fan of the treadmill and I really don’t think I have enough coordination to pull this off.  Maybe it’s easier than it looks, but here’s what you’re supposed to be doing here:  The total time is 30 minutes.  30 second sprints (at level 8-whatever that means. Like I said, I don’t frequent the treadmill.)  After the 30 second sprint, you are supposed to rest for 30 seconds.  So what you have to do is kind of jump your feet off to the sides while the treadmill is still moving without slowing it down.  That just seems like a recipe for me falling on my face.  Kind of like this compilation of treadmill fails.  I know it’s long, but some of them are pretty hilarious!


I’d like to think I look more like this guy:


So, as I said, I decided to do these 30 second sprints outside on the track.  I am not even kidding when I tell you that these sprints were hard core.  I don’t know what a level 8 on a treadmill translates to on a track, but I was definitely sprinting.  Remember, you’re doing 30 seconds on, 30 off (walking).  At about 13:00, I stopped the sprints and walked for a good 2 minutes before going back to the 30 on/30 off sprints again.  Then I did that again at about 24:00 and finished out with some good sprints.  So even though I didn’t do all of them, my guess is that I was working harder on the track than I would have been on the treadmill, and I definitely got a great workout.  I was a sweaty, hot mess when I got done and now my legs are kind of sore, but I think I’m ready to head back to the track tomorrow.  Wish me luck!



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