The Traps are Working/LiveFit Week 7!

2 Aug

So just finished week 7 of the LiveFit trainer.  Here is what the workouts looked like for this week:

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.56.11 AM

Pretty much more of the same.  I still am really liking the program and how strong I am feeling.  As far as results go, I definitely can see more muscle definition just about everywhere.  As many people that have been through the program have said, they start feeling kind of ‘bulky’ in the second phase.  I’m definitely feeling that way.  It’s hard to explain-the muscles are there, but I think the goal of Phase Three is to ‘lean out’ the body so you can really see the definition and results of all the hard work.

I am pretty proud of myself, because I’ve been working hard and have not missed one single day of the program so far.  It helps that I’m not working right now, but still.  I make accommodations to my schedule if I’m having a busy day to make sure I get to the gym or at least modify the workout at home.

I seriously considered skipping the last week of Phase Two and jumping straight into Phase Three, just so I could see some results more quickly, but then I remembered that I was teaching 6 classes next week, so it would be difficult for me (and my body) to take all that on.  I have been counting the classes that I teach as part of my cardio in Phase Two, but in Phase Three, all of my classes will be IN ADDITION to the LiveFit workouts.

So one more week and I will see you with my Phase Two review!

How about a Friday Funny for you?  Maybe you’ve seen this before.  It kills me every time, because if you have cats, you know that this is so true:


Cats will move in to ANY box you have, no matter how big or small.

Yesterday I had two packages arrive at my house.  One was my new Nike running shoes.  (LOVE!)  The other was a coffee shipment for my Keurig (Also LOVE!).  And you know what having two empty boxes lying around the house means.  No sooner did I empty them and look what I found:



DO NOT mess with the cat traps!

I took advantage of some of the new tunes I that came out this week and used them in today’s Spin® playlist:

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