Live Fit Trainer Week 3

4 Jul

As promised, I’m here to keep you up to date on my third week of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer Program.  Last week, I updated you on my first two weeks of the program.   As you may remember, I’m following the workouts, not so much the meal/supplement plan.

Here is an outline of the workouts for the week:

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 2.33.04 PM


Up to this point, there have been three rest days.  This week there are only two.  I’m used to working out 5 or 6 days a week, so I was excited about this week’s workouts.

This week presented quite a challenge because I was away from home (camping) for 6 out of 7 days and there is a holiday (today, July 4) built in, so the gym was closed.

Here’s how I modified this week’s workouts to fit into my schedule:

Friday: Back and Biceps at the gym and taught Spinning®.

Saturday: First day of camping.  Leg day.  I was able to modify many of the exercises using  8 and 10 pound dumbells, and instead of using a leg press machine, I did wall squats:



Considering the fact that my legs were wobbling when I finished, I consider this a pretty good trade off for leg presses. 🙂

Sunday: Chest and Tricep Day!  Many of these exercises were meant to be done with dumbells, so there weren’t too many modifications for this workout.  I also got the whole family involved with tricep dips on the picnic table at our campsite:

photo copy


Monday: Leg day.  Pretty much a carbon copy of Saturday’s workout.

Tuesday: Shoulders and Abs day: Another easy day to modify with hand weights.  My camper has very little space inside, but you don’t need much:



Wednesday:  Rest day

Thursday: Rest day (July 4th) and last day of camping.

Friday:  I know, this week’s workout has taken a day longer than they needed to, but considering the fact that I was away from home and the gym was closed one of the days, I think I did pretty well.  Friday will be Back and Biceps day (and teaching Spinning®).  I really need to be at the gym for this one because I want to do these workouts on machines.

If you read my initial review, or if you are familiar with the Live Fit program, you’ll know that Jamie recommends no cardio for the first four weeks.  I did a lot of walking/hiking/biking when camping and obviously taught my classes this week, so again I did not follow Jamie’s ‘No Cardio” advice.

Thoughts about the program so far:

  • I did not take any photos (I’m awful at taking ‘selfies’ really) and I did not do any initial measurements at the beginning of the program, so as boring as it sounds, I don’t have any way really of measuring my progress other than how I feel and what I see when I look in the mirror.
  • I’m at about day 21 and I’m already starting to see some noticeable definition.  Especially in my arms and shoulders.
  • The workouts are still only taking about 35-40 minutes to complete.
  • I’m still feeling some soreness- usually the day after a workout.
  • So far the program has been pretty easy to follow, so I’m looking forward to one more week in phase one and then on to the next phase with more difficult workouts.  🙂

Look for my review of Phase one next week!





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