Road To Ride On Cycling Mix

2 Jun

It’s hard to believe that June is here!  Only three more weeks before this girl is on summer vacation! Speaking of summer, It’s been pretty unbearably  hot here.  While the heat doesn’t really bother me too much, I know that many people that would normally come to cycling classes stay home when it’s just too hot. The hotter it gets, the lower our numbers.

In my kindergarten classroom when it gets super hot during these last few weeks, I have been known to get out the spray bottle and spray my kiddos down.  They love it and it does help to keep them cool.  I’m thinking I might need to bring my spray bottle to Spin® class too. I figure if a bunch of 6 year olds love it, then everyone else will too, right?

So instructors, how do you ‘keep it cool’ in your classes when the temperatures rise?  Do you find that your numbers start to drop?  Do you have members that fight over bike location so they can be closer to the fan?  I would love to hear how you handle it!

Here’s the playlist for Monday night class:

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 3.02.47 PM


Cups: Love this cute little song.  I actually was introduced to it by my nieces.  At 9 and 11, they are pretty good at creating this beat with their red solo cups.

While I am quite good at keeping the beat in cycling class, I’m definitely no expert at the cup song. 🙂 This is the warm up!

Road to Ride On:  Continue this warm up in the saddle, and when you feel ready, add some resistence and pick up the pace.

Hands in The Air: Bring it out of the saddle for a standing flat.

Listen to Your Heart: seated accelerations

Walks Like Rhianna: Alternate seated/standing climb

Tube Snake Boogie: Seated flat

My Fault: Standing climb

Do or Die: Alternate seated/standing flat

Move Along: Jumps on a hill

The Big Bang: Seated climb

Love Somebody: Standing flat/climb

Welcome to the Club: Seated accelerations

Honkeytonk Badonkadonk:  You read that right.  I’m not  a fan of country music, so I had never heard this song until someone posted a request for country songs on ‘Former Cyclng Pingers’ (a Facebook group of very cool cycling instructors that share tunes and wisdom).  This was one of the song suggestions and it made me laugh, so I’ve been looking for a chance to add it to one of my playlists.  This seemed like a good fit, so on Monday, Chris’ class is goin’ country-yeeeeeeHAWWWW!

It’s Your Voodoo Working: Recovery

Tabata: 20 second seated accelerations (x8) with 10 second recoveries

I Won’t Give Up: Cool down

This Moment Now: Cool down


5 Responses to “Road To Ride On Cycling Mix”

  1. steve:spin:list June 2, 2013 at 11:56 pm #

    An interesting thing about one of the locations that I have classes at….no fans! But the AC keeps the studio REALLY cool and there are no outside walls or windows, so we don’t have a problem with heat. The other location has no outside walls or windows and in addition to,the AC has 5 or 6 fans. Our numbers are down, but that’s just because most people prefer to ride outside (not me!). Thanks for another great playlist!

  2. Kim June 5, 2013 at 3:21 am #

    Teaching in Arizona is the opposite! We get more folks in the summer when it is hot since they aren’t outside boiling after 6 am. Lots of fans (which is always such an issue because some love being near the fans and some don’t want anything to do with the fans. Ugh.) But we make sure everyone is drinking lots of water and enjoy that we aren’t in 115 degrees riding outside! Thanks for so many great playlists.

    • chrispins June 5, 2013 at 10:20 am #

      I never thought of that! When it’s super hot here, our facility heats right up too, so being indoors even with air and fans is very difficult. Stay cool and thanks for commenting!

  3. Cynthia June 14, 2013 at 4:52 am #

    Chris, I am loving Road to Ride On – thanks! I live in Nova Scotia and it’s been raining, and raining, and raining….. I would love a little heat! Numbers drop off here in the summer, especially on nice days. We’ve never had a day that a couple of fans and AC couldn’t handle.

    • Chris June 14, 2013 at 10:57 am #

      Hey there Cynthia! I’m a fan of Joshua Radin, but I usually use his songs during stretch or cool down, but it’s nice to see one by him that I can use inside my profile as a flat road or warmup. It’s been raining here in Central NY for what seems like weeks!

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