The Finish Line Cycling Mix

14 Apr

I just returned from a great family getaway to Washington DC.  I’ve never visited before and I have to tell ya, I LOVED it!  Wow!  So much to see and learn and take in.  It was exhausting and I’m sure we didn’t see everything there was to see, but we sure did try.  My favorite?  Probably Arlington National Cemetery.  Or maybe it was the Lincoln Memorial.  No, wait-cherry blossoms!!!  I can’t decide.  If you’ve never visited, you really need to check it out.


I was hoping to get to meet my blog-buddy Darcy Knoblich while I was there, since her gym was seriously only four miles from my hotel, but unfortunately, our schedules didn’t quite match up and I wasn’t able to get to one of her classes. So bummed.  Hopefully next time though.  Speaking of Darcy, have you checked out her print and go playlists?    They are FREE for the month of April.  🙂  If you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to come up with a playlist/profile, these would sure be handy to have.  Thanks Darcy!

Before I get to the new playlist, I wanted to share with you a few healthy recipes that I spent some time prepping today. When I have the time, I like to prep some of my meals and snacks for the week and put them in the fridge so that my week is not so crazy.  I was definitely on a roll today.  You know I’m not a food blogger and I’m really not great at taking photos, so I added links to each recipe for you.  You’re welcome.

Let’s start with breakfast: Muesli. This actually isn’t the exact recipe I used, but it’s pretty close. I made enough for four servings and store it in the fridge until ready to serve.  It actually gets better and can be stored for up to a week.  Once I take it out of the fridge, I add chopped apples and almonds.  Good stuff.


Lunch:  I like a nice salad for lunch, but they can be time-consuming to prepare, so I get all of my ingredients washed and ready for the week and then just throw everything together the night before and bring it to work with me.  Lately I’m loving this chopped salad from Ambitious Kitchen. Chopped salads are  my favorite because you don’t have to go at them with a knife to eat them. Everything is already bite size.  Genius!

IMG_4456-1024x682A few tips:  I don’t add the tomatoes or avocados until right before I eat because they get all nasty in the fridge.  Also, did you know that you can make roasted corn from frozen corn by tossing it straight from the freezer with some olive oil, salt and pepper and throwing it under the broiler?  I am not kidding.  And it’s amazing.  Here’s how to do it. 

With breakfast and lunch out of the way, I also prepared something to snack on this week. You know, for when I come home from a hard day with the Kinderkids and need something to munch on before I head off to teach my class at the Y.  I had a ton of leftover flour tortillas and I always have chickpeas on hand, so I whipped up some home-made hummus (ala the Barefoot Contessa) and tortilla chips:


Really, good stuff.  So I think I’m ready for the week.  Speaking of which, you know you love your job when you’re actually excited to go back to work after a week off.  🙂  Teaching Kindergarten is a pretty good gig.


On to tomorrow’s playlist: (Shout out to blog reader and follower Ella for turning me on to San Fransisco which I’ve used here as a warm up and Blurred Lines-love the beat!)

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 6.58.17 PM


4 Responses to “The Finish Line Cycling Mix”

  1. stevespinlist April 14, 2013 at 11:15 pm #

    I like the Avril track too and was planning to use it as the warm up track ( BUT could not find a clean edit. If not so bad, but the members at the Y have made an issue of explicit lirics in the past…so I ended up with a repeat…Carry On by FUN (thought that was an appropriate pick).
    Have a great week! (My post is on the way later tonight…it’s on Spotify now)

    • chrispins April 14, 2013 at 11:22 pm #

      Hi Steve, I figure I’m good with this song since I heard the Zumba girls (led by our aerobic coordinator) using the song ‘Thift Shop’ recently. Even the clean version of that one doesn’t work. I do turn the music completely down for the f-bomb. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Carry On!! I heard that one a million times on my recent 6 hour road trip so it’s been stuck in my head for days. Thanks for sharing your playlist! 🙂

  2. Lara Macdonald April 22, 2013 at 2:04 pm #

    I wish I’d know you were in DC! I live here and would have loved to meet you! Next time!

    • chrispins April 22, 2013 at 7:52 pm #

      Yes! We loved DC, so we will definitely be back! 🙂

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