Riders On The Storm Cycling Mix

13 Jan

Another crazy week ahead filled with basketball games, report cards and general busy work.

I am starting to train for the 100 miler which will take place in May (I think it’s actually  more of an 80 miler this year). I am leading an indoor training ride for riders every Sunday morning at 8 am.  As I headed to the gym early this morning, I wondered what I had gotten myself into, but once we got going I realized how much I love it-even if it means not sleeping in on Sundays for a few months.  

Tuesday is my first training ride of the season on the indoor trainer.  This is always a good time.  I blogged a bit about it here last year.  Can’t wait for that!  

I haven’t had much time to post, but if you’re keeping up with me in Spotify, you’ll find all of my playlists there.  I do try to post them here on the blog at least twice a week.  Once things begin to settle down again I promise to post teaching notes.  🙂  

Here’s the playlist for Monday’s class;


4 Responses to “Riders On The Storm Cycling Mix”

  1. gr8tfulm January 14, 2013 at 2:30 am #

    Hey Chris- 2thumbs up to your last Cpl. playlists!! Really liked them and may use 1 this week. Idk if its just me but I usually mix in a few of my faves in and come up with a profile and bam there’s the ride! So thank you! I have posted a Cpl. of my own on Spotify and on” former cycling Pinger’s” Facebook page the last few weeks!
    In regards to training what is your training schedule going to be like? I have also committed to a 100 mile ride. I teach 6 classes a week and am hoping to put in miles on the weekend! I have warned some of my classes with a lot of outdoor riders we would be working in the saddle ALOT! Lol! I’m excited to do this ride! Have a great week! Good luck with those report cards!

    • chrispins January 14, 2013 at 11:06 am #

      Thanks! As far as training, I teach 3 days a week and I try to make it to the indoor training session (with road bike on a trainer) 2 times per week. I also like to fit in at least two days of upper body strength training. I feel like the strength training helps to keep my upper body from getting fatigued during the long rides. Occasionally (and I really do mean occasionally-I get outside and run 3-5 miles). Here in NY, it’s impossible to get out on the road until the first week in April. The ride that I do is very organized and they require first year riders to complete a minimum of 4 outdoor training rides with the group. Since I am a second year rider, I am only required to attend 2 training rides. I may do more than that, but I’m honestly not much of a road biker, so I still get most of my training indoors. I don’t do any outdoor training on my own outdoors either. This is why I didn’t purchase a road bike. I borrowed one from a friend. Oh, and the 100 miles was fine. No problems. We did have a few stops along the way for bathrooms and food, so it was pretty split up. Good luck to you and let me know if you have any more questions!

    • Kim Johnson January 24, 2013 at 3:16 pm #

      Hey there, what is former cycling pinger? I’m always looking for ideas for spin class. I just took over a class that is supposed to mimic outdoor rides, and definitely need assistance with these! Thanks for all ideas too Chris!

      • chrispins January 24, 2013 at 11:01 pm #

        Hi Kim! ‘Former Cycling Pingers’ is a Facebook group made up of a group of us that grew to know eachother on iTunes Ping. When Ping was cancelled by iTunes a few ladies made up this group and it is growing all the time. Everyone is super helpful and you can post your playlists and get lots of great song ideas. Search on FB and request to join. 🙂

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