Gotta Be Tonight Cycling Mix

11 Dec

I  CANNOT get enough of this grumpy cat!  It cracks me up!  Seriously, if this doesn’t make you laugh, there might be something wrong with you…

enhanced-buzz-5379-1354808329-4Maybe I’m laughing because I’m so excited that I have no plans for tonight!  That almost NEVER happens.  Between basketeball practices, games and Christmas concerts, I feel like I’m being pulled in all different directions lately.  But with a game cancellation and a night off from the carpool, I’ve found myself with all kinds of free time tonight.  And how exciting that it’s also NEW MUSIC TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!  So I have spent a good deal of my evening previewing new music releases on iTunes and Spotify.  I don’t usually get around to really previewing the newest tunes until the weekend, so you can imagine the excitement!!!!  I’ve added a few of the new releases to tonight’s playlist along with some old tunes and some Christmas songs as well.  I hope you enjoy!!!


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