Black Friday Cycling Mix

23 Nov

Happy Black Friday!  I may be in the minority here, but I have exactly zero interest in participating in today’s shopping fest.  I’d rather pay full price than have to get up early the day after Thanksgiving and fight the crowds.  But, to each his own I say.  If that’s your thing, then shop it up!

Have you heard the news? AC/DC’s complete catalog is now available on iTunes.  Finally!  I did read an article (which I can’t find now…) that said that they won’t be coming over to Spotify. 😦  Give it time…

So I had to include a newly purchased AC/DC tune in the playlist: You Shook Me All Night Long-gotta love it!

Have a great weekend and get cycling off that turkey belly! 🙂

Here’s a screenshot of tonight’s playlist (scroll down for the player):

Here’s a live versions of Savitri by Rodrigo y Gabriela:

…and a MUCH longer version of Love Generation by Bob Sinclair.  I used the 3:24 version in this playlist:

Black Friday: Warm up

You Shook Me All Night Long: warm up continued, bringing it out of the saddle

Gone, Gone, Gone: Standing climb

Free Falling: Seated accelerations

Don’t Let me Be Misunderstood: Alternate standing/seated climb

Assembling the Team: Seated climb

Savitri: Standing flat

You Don’t Have to Love Me: Standing climb

Devil Drums: Seated accelerations with recovery and alternating with standing flats

That Beep: Standing climb

Howl: Fast seated flat

Love Generation: Alternate seated/standing flat

Comptine: recovery

Tabata: 20 second accelerations x8 with 10 second recoveries

Here Comes the Sun: Cool Down

A Thousand Years: Stretch

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