Fire It Up Cycling Mix

17 Nov

Wahoo!  Two new playlists in one week!!!!  I’m on a roll.  You know when you feel like you’re so caught up and organized?  That feeling will probably only last until tomorrow morning, but I’m going to enjoy it while I can.  Here’s the playlist for tonight’s ride with teaching notes:

What I Wouldn’t Do: Warm up

**I Want To Break Free: Continue the warm up and bring it out of the saddle for the second half of the song

Here’s the download:

Vikingman: :00-2:00 Seated Flat; 2:00 add just a bit of gear and pick up the pace.  3:30-keep the gear, slow the pace and ride it out

I’m Too Sexy:  Standing climb

Now That We Are Free:  Seated accelerations: 2x 30 seconds

19-1000 (Soulchild Remix)Standing climb

Mayhem: Fast seated flat

African Drop: 45 Second standing, 30 second seated alternating

Army of Me:  How much do you LOVE this new Christina song???  Standing climb

Just Say Yes: Add gear and continue the seated climb

The Island: Seated accelerations, choice of standing or seated flat recoveries

Ho Hey: Seated climb

Fire It Up:  This one is a little ‘headbanger’ for my taste, but I think I like it!  Love the lyrics for sure!  Last standing climb

See You Tonight: Quick recovery

Tabata: 20 second accelerations/10 second recovery x8

Fix You: Cool down

Little Things: Stretch

**Don’t forget to stop on over to IndoorCycleInstructor to see my latest post about finding friends on Spotify.  It is still free content, so I hope you can find something you can use, especially if you are just starting out in Spotify.  Here’s the linky:

Making  New Friends With Spotify

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