Got Me Good Cycling Mix

13 Nov

Things have finally settled down a bit around here, so I hope to give you at least two new playlists this week.  Report cards are completed, parent/teacher conferences are almost finished, and the second marking period is in full swing.  Hard to believe a quarter of my school year has already passed!  I have so much more to teach these little guys!!!

Here’s tonight’s playlist with teaching notes:

Because the player did not include all of the songs on the original playlist, here is a screenshot of the actual playlist from my Spotify profile page:

Here is the Skyfall download:

And here’s how we rolled with it:

Electric Daisy Violin: Warm up

Skyfall: Continue warmup, bringing it out of the saddle about half way through for a standing climb

Paralyzer: Alternate seated/standing climb

Explosive:  Seated accelerations @ :20 (20 seconds), 1:10 (25 seconds), 2:02 (20 seconds) and 2:50 (20 seconds)

The Beat Goes On: Standing flat.  This would also be a good one for jumps.

Batman: Seated climb, adding resistance each minute or so

Madness: Continue climbing, bringing it out of the saddle

Got Me Good: First minute in the saddle to stretch out the legs after our climb, and then bring it up for a standing climb with lighter resistance

Gold, Guns, Girls: Seated Hill Accelerations: 30 second climb, 30 second accelerations

Flamenco: 30 seconds up/30 seconds down

If You’re Wondering If I Want You To: Seated flat

Next To Me: Standing Climb

Boom Boom: Standing flat

Sunday Brunch: short recovery

Tabata: You know the drill!

Washed by The Water: Cool Down

Just The Way You Are: Stretch


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