Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With That Spin Mix

17 Aug

Happy Friday!  It’s time for a new playlist…and some teaching notes!  Have a fantastic weekend!

Click here to listen in iTunes Ping!

Abracadabra-warm up in the saddle

Fast Car-continue warm up and begin to bring it out of the saddle for a standing flat/climb

The Mummer’s Dance-alternate seated/standing climb

Metal Tabata-seated accelerations for 20 seconds (8×20) with 10 second recovery

Home: (Told you I’d be revisiting this one-seriously, non-stop on my ipod this week) standing climb

On The Drums-:00-1:26-Standing flat;1:26-2:30 Seated flat; 2:30-3:37 Standing flat; 3:37-4:45 Seated flat; 4:45-6:20 Standing flat

We Will Rock You-Standing climb

Palm Tree Escape- :00-1:00 Seated climb; 1:00-2:30 Standing climb; 2:30-3:30 Seated climb; 3:30-5:27 Standing climb

Aint’ Nothin’Wrong with That: Standing climb with standing accelerations on the chorus-make sure you have gear on!

Wichcraft: Seated accelerations @:45, 2:14; 3:22

Blast the Speakers: Standing flat

California 37: Recovery

Tabata: (See above!)

Shape of My Heart: Cool down

Baby Can I Hold You: Stretch


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