Out On The Town Spin Mix

13 Aug

Happy Monday!  I’m not yet sure how I’m going to get through the rest of my summer without the Olympics, but I promise to give it my best shot.  I watched most of the closing ceremony last night, and I had thought about creating a playlist using songs from the ceremony, but I was completely uninspired and couldn’t find a way to make them work.  That’s the thing about theme rides.  You can’t just throw some songs on a playlist and hope for the best.  Unless they motivate and fit your profile, it’s not going to work. I guess I’ll just have to have my morning coffee in front of theToday Show so I can relive the glory of the Olympics watching interviews with the athletes.

I have a new (to me) product that I plan to try out during tonight’s spin class:

It’s a New Balance Cooling towel!  We took the boys shopping for new sneakers this weekend, and while I was waiting for my very indecisive 13-year-old to choose a pair at the fourth sporting goods store we tried, I convinced myself that I absolutely HAD to have one of these because when I work out ,I sweat.  A lot.

So this amazing product claims to ‘stay chilled for hours after being soaked in cold water’ and it ‘helps cool you down during and after your workout’.

I usually bring a hand-size towel with me and I drape it across the handlebars of the bike.  I don’t know about you, but those handlebars get slippery when you’re sweaty!  It really seems to help.  Oh, and I always use a sweatband on my wrist to wipe away the liquid awesome when I’m too busy to reach for the towel. It’s definitely a workout just trying to stay cool.  I’ll keep you posted.

Has anyone tried one of these towels before?  What did you think?

How do you stay cool during your workout?

Here’s the playlist:

Listen in iTunes PIng

Have a great week!


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