You’re Gonna Love This Spin Mix and My Dream Job

29 Jul

As promised, here are a few photos from our recent trip.  I was seriously having spin class withdrawl, so I needed to get on something resembing a bike.  Luckily our Italian themed hotel had a bunch of cute little scooters in the Piazza.  It wasn’t taking me anywhere, but I couldn’t help myself.  (Check it out-it was so hot that my camera lens fogged up.)

And speaking of bikes, I think I’ve found my dream job.  I would have totally done this as a summer job when I was younger:

(Don’t mind the date stamp on this photo-I was using my son’s camera.) The resort offered ‘bike chariots’ (at least that’s what I referrred to them as), to take guests from the hotel to the theme parks and back.  The ‘drivers’ were not paid an hourly wage, so they depended on generous tips from the guests.  I so badly wanted to try driving one!  I did talk my husband into riding in one.  I made sure we chose the only female driver (girl power!!!) I assumed that they would split us up since my family (which includes my husband and two growing boys) weighs in at over 500 pounds, but she told us all to hop in the back and off we went. She couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds , but she did an amazing job and was only just a little bit winded when she reached the hotel.  Isn’t that so cool??

Here’s tomorrow’s playlist:

Click here to listen in iTunes Ping!


Freedom: warm up

One Last Kiss: continue warm up then bring it up to a seated flat

Buddy Holly: Standing climb

You’re Gonna Love This: Seated accelerations at :54 (30 seconds); 1:54 (30 seconds) and 3:05 (20 seconds)

Jai Ho; Standing flat

Eleanor Rigby: seated climb

Why So Serious: Alternate seated/standing flat

Reach up For The Sunshine: Standing climb

Nothing but A Song: Seated flat

Changing: Standing climb

Greyhound: seated accelerations

Sound of Freedome: Standing flat

Tabata: 20 second accelerations with 10 second recoveries x8

Arms of A Woman: Cool Down

Use Somebody: Stretch

2 Responses to “You’re Gonna Love This Spin Mix and My Dream Job”

  1. Jennie July 29, 2012 at 9:17 pm #

    Love the music. Do you have teaching notes on this one?

    • chrispins August 6, 2012 at 11:16 am #

      Sure, I’m updating it right now, so check back. Sorry so late in responding!

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