Profile/Teaching Notes for Olylmpic Playlist

27 Jul

Whew!  I just returned from vacation at Universal Studios resort in Orlando!  While I was away, I received several comments about my Olympic playlist, and I was having a little trouble getting access to my blog, so I apologize that I was late responding.  So, here are the teaching notes.  You’ll notice I made a few changes from the original playlist:

Olympics Radio Play: Warm up

Waka Waka: Seated–>standing climb, continue warm up

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Standing climb

Chariots of Fire: Seated accelerations @ :35 (20),; 1:25 (25); 2:35 (20) and 2:20 (25)

Bugler’s Dream: :00-1:00 Standing climb with a little push around :45; 1:00-3:12 Seated climb with a push at 2:57; 3:12: Standing climb with a big push at the end

Edge Of Glory: Standing flat

Crowd Chant: 8—>4 count jumps

Survival: Standing climb

Wavin’ Flag: Seated flat

Proud: Standing climb

We Are the Champions:Seated climb

Vivaldi: Seated accelerations

We Love the Game: Alternate seated/standing flat

Tabata: You know the drill by now, right????

Chariots of Fire: Cool Down

Lon Lon: Cool Down, Stretch

****Check back for a few pics and vacation update!!!!!!!!

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