Hands In The Air Spin Mix

25 Jun

Oh, hi there!  Can you sense my relaxed, stress free demeanor? Probably not yet.  It does take a few days to really wrap my brain around being on summer vacation.  I’ll get there. 

Here’s the playlist for this evening’s spin class:

Listen in iTunes Ping!

Girl Named Tennessee: Warm up

Without You: seated flat warm up—>standing flat warm up

Dueling Violins: There are a few tempo changes in this one.  We’ll start on a standing climb, then alternate seated/standing climbs and sprint to the finish.

La Batteria: Seated accelerations @ :35 (20 seconds), 1:31 (20 seconds) and 3:00 (30 seconds)

Guilty Filthy Soul: Standing climb

I’m Shakin’: Seated flat

Paradise City :00-4:45—>standing climb, 4:45-6:46 seated flat—->sprint

Changin’: Standing climb

Apache Rocks the Bottom: more seated accelerations @ :30 (30 seconds), 1:54 (25 seconds), 2:47 (20 seconds) and 3:25 (15 seconds)

Semisonic (Closing Time Mashup) Standing flat

Champs Elysees: Rolling hills

Hands in the Air: Standing climb

Tabata: 10 seconds off, 20 seconds on x8

Never Going Back Again: cool down

The Longer I Run: Stretch

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