Rock The Boat Spin Mix

28 May

Here’s the newest spin mix:

Listen in iTunes!
(Click on the image to enlarge)

No Hablo Ingles: Warm up

Rock the Boat: Warm up, standing flat–>climb

If Today Was Your Last Day: Alternate seated/standing climb

Stomp to My Beat: Seated accelerations

Collide: Standing flat

Loud Pipes: Seated climb

Check it Out: Standing climb

I Know a Little: Seated flat

Like Boom: Alternate seated/standing climb

Quasar: Seated accelerations, standing flats

Heaven: Standing climb

Go!: Seated accelerations on a hill

I Play Chicken With The Train: Standing flat.  A friend of mine (not a spinner) came to work the other day and told me I HAD to use this song in my spin class.  She saw it on the finale of Dancing With The Stars.  I was skeptical when she told me it was country, because she knows I’m not a fan of it.  I figured I’d try it out since I do have some country fans in my classes and they get pretty excited on the rare occasion that I throw a country song in.  The verdict:  we LOVED it!  Even if you don’t like country music, try this one-it made everyone smile!

House Tabata: Tabata training (10 second recoveries/20 second accelerations x8)

Pura Vida: Cool Down

Homeless: Stretch


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