Photo Challenge (Days 13 & 14):

6 May

Yesterday’s photo challenge (I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. My 40 mile training ride kind of put a dent in my blogging time…) :

from a distance

I didn’t want to get too far away, because this might just be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.  My mother and father in-law just got a new puppy.  He’s a white golden retriever named Jake and he is positively squeezable!!!!!!  Don’t you just want to smell him???? Cutest…..puppy….ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here’s today’s photo challenge:


Kind of pathetic, I know.  But had this been part of last week’s photo challenge, you would have appreciated it much more.  We bought this tree two or three years ago and we just love it.  I’m not really even sure what it is, but it has the most beautiful pink flowers that bloom every spring. I seriously stop my car each time I pass it in my driveway and exclaim (out loud, to only myself) how cute it is!  The flowers are kind of fading this week and the leaves will eventually turn a reddish color until Autumn. I adore this tree!

I’m just teaching one class this week because I have meetings and preparations for the big Ride coming up, but I promise to post my Mother’s Day playlist later on this week!


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