Photo Challenge and A New Playlist

24 Apr

I’m getting a little excited over here.  30 days left before the 100 mile Ride For Missing Children.  I’ve found a fun and challenging (well, at least challenging for me) way to count down the days.  I’m going to do a ’30 Day Photo Challenge’ on the blog.  One photo for each day leading up to The RIde. Part of the challenge is that I’m really not a great photographer.  I’ve also decided to take all of the photos with my cell phone. Let’s just say that the first time my cell phone rang, I had not idea how to answer it, so taking photos on it is a big step for me.  So I apologize in advance for the quality of them.  Each day there is a certain photo that you have to take.  Here is the criteria for today’s photo:

Self Portrait

That’s my ‘focus face’.  I didn’t want to pose, so I snapped this one quickly in the car. I’m pretty sure I’m focused on getting my kids to school and then getting myself to work to mold some young minds.  By the way, no other motorists were harmed in the taking of this photograph.  I was still in park.

Check in tomorrow for a new photo!

Monday’s class was kind of small and cozy.   Unfortunately, the power was out at the gym and anyone that arrived early to sign in for class was asked to leave.  Shortly after they were turned away, the power returned and spin class was on, so the 7 people who came late got a bike!  Here’s the playlist:

Listen in iTunes!


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