Let The (Outdoor) Training Begin!

26 Mar

Let’s start with a playlist:  Here’s my playlist in iTunes for this week’s Monday night ride.  Sorry that I didn’t elaborate with teaching notes.  It’s report card week and I’m running out of time in the day. 🙂

Listen in iTunes!

**I also used a remix of fun.’s We Are Young which you can download here: Steady130

This week begins the first outdoor training rides of the season for me.  If you follow the blog, you know that I’ve been training for a 100 mile ride that will take place on May 18th.  You might also remember that I am NOT a road biker.  I’ve been training pretty hard inside all winter, but I have to tell you, I am completely nervous to go out on the road.  I don’t have any doubt that I’ll have no trouble keeping up. But there are so many things to worry about out on the open road: traffic, potholes, roadkill, other bikers, clipping and unclipping, flat tires. You name it, I’m already worried about it.  And the amount of STUFF you need to have for one little training ride is crazy!  Not that I would be caught without any of it, because it’s all pretty important. The first training ride is on Thursday, and I’m already getting my stuff laid out.  I’ve been checking the extended forecast (45 degrees, a few showers-not exactly warm).

Just for fun, I took a picture of all the crap I need to wear/bring for the ride:

Let’s start with some essentials:  Helmet (with mirror), sunglasses, bike shoes, biking gloves, regular (really thin) gloves, powerbar, headband to keep my ears warm under my helmet, stash bag that fits under my seat and carries extra tubes and co2 cartridges.  Not pictured:  two water bottles

Now let’s move on to the tops. It’s going to be chilly, so I’m layering here: Underarmor cold gear fitted shirt, cycling jersey, wind jacket.

And the bottoms:  Stylish bike shorts with pads (so comfy!), Running tights, socks and more socks.  

Wow!  I got tired just getting all of this stuff ready!  Hopefully the ride is the easy part!  Did I miss anything?


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