Kiss Me I’m Irish Spin Mix (3/14/12)

14 Mar

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Hey There!  I know, I haven’t been great at posting to the blog lately.  Things have been pretty busy around here with teaching spin class and training rides lately.

Here’s what I came up with for my St. Patirick’s Day Ride this year.  It is pretty similiar to last year’s ride if you look back on my old blog, with just a few minor changes. What can I say?  I really loved last year’s ride, so I didn’t think I needed to change it up too much.  I really love this music!!!  I hope you enjoy it too!

WIld Night/Van Morrison-Warm up

Captain Kidd/Great Big Sea- I know, there’s really nothing Irish about this band, but I love them and this song just has an Irish feel to it.  Continue to warm up and bring it out of the saddle for a bit.

Magnificent/U2-What would a St. Patrick’s Day playlist be without Bono?  Standing climb

I’m Shipping Up To Boston/Dropkick Murphys-Seated accelerations

Drink The Night Away/Gaelic Storm-Standing climb

Raised On Black and Tans/Gaelic Storm-Seated climb

The Celtic Tiger/Ronan Hardiman-Alternate seated/standing climb on the tempo changes

We Love The Game/XTD-standing flat

Devil’s Dance Floor/Flogging Molly-Seated accelerations

Toss the Feathers/The Corrs-Standing climb

Kiss Me I’m Irish/Gaelic Storm-Heavy Standing climb.  Sing along here if you’d like.  Favorite line:  ‘I only drink on the days of the week that end with a Y.’ In the saddle and pick up the pace after the 3 minute mark.

Old Black Rum (Live)/Great Big Sea-Standing flat.  I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!

Amazing Grace/Dropkick Murphys-Finish up with some seated accelerations!

I Don’t Think I’ll Love Anymore/Young Dubliners-Cool Down

Nothing Compares 2 U/Sinead O’Conner-Stretch


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