About Bike Shorts…and a New Playlist

2 Mar

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It was pretty interesting that Active.com posted this article this week written by Jennifer Sage regarding bike shorts.  I recently participated in my first indoor trainer ride and I did NOT wear my cycling shorts (big mistake).  I figured I get plenty of saddle time in spin class, I’d be fine.  I cannot tell you how wrong I was.  My hieny was KILLING me after the one hour session!

Since then I have attended two more training sessions, this time armed with my most fashionable bike shorts. 😦  Seriously, have you seen these things?  Not only does it feel like you have a ginormous maxi pad between your legs, but from the back you look like you’re wearing a saggy diaper. So pretty.  And here’s some more useful information that I learned from Jennifer’s article:  These things are supposed to be worn sans underwear.  Something about ventilation and chafing.  Ugggg….I seriously was not privy to this information.

So, three training rides later, and butt is still pretty sore thanks to this torture device:

But I think after some tweaking and practice, I may just be ok!  Any advice from you road bikers in this delicate area would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s the playlist for Wednesday:

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Listen in iTunes!

Dude ‘n Nem/Feet on Fire: Warm up

Enrique Iglesias/I Like How It Feels: Continue to warm up and bring it out of the saddle for a standing flat

NEEDTOBREATHE/Girl Named Tennessee: Standing climb

A.R. Rahman/Liquid Dance: Seated accelerations @ :30 (20 seconds), 1:25 (20 seconds) and 2:30 (20 seconds)

Flo Rida/Wild Ones-feat. Sia:Standing flat

The Killigans/Santy Anno: Seated flat

Here’s the beginning of tonight’s ‘Classic Rock Block’!:

Queen/Fat Bottomed Girls:Standing climb

ZZ Top/Tube Snake Boogie/Seated flat—>climb

Echo And The Bunnymen/People Are Strange: Standing climb

Van Halen/Hot For Teacher: 30 second seated accelerations

Franz Ferdinand/No You Girls: Standing Climb

Miranda Lambert/Only Prettier: Yeeeehaaaaaaw!!!! I don’t play many country songs in my class, but this one is so funny, I can’t resist!  Seated climb!

Pitbull/Shake Senora: Standing flat

House Tabata:  You know the drill here by now: 10 seconds on, 20 seconds off-good times!

Norah Jones/Don’t Know Why: Cool Down

Lean On Me/Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock: Stretch

Tracy Chapman/Baby Can I Hold You: Stretch

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