Love Is Gone (Anti-Valentine Spin Mix) 2/13/12

14 Feb

Grammy update:  I tried my hardest to stay up until the end, but I didn’t quite make it.  I was able to stay awake for Adele singing one of my favorite spin tunes of the year (which I have at least five remixes of): Rolling In The Deep.  She was amazing, as usual.  I really didn’t get the whole Nicky Minaj thing at all.  Not a fan.  I’m pretty sure I’ve watched Paul McCartney’s final song about 6 times over now.  I just love him…  

On to the playlist.  I’m all about Valentines Day.  I just think this is so much more fun than all that mushy stuff.  

Listen in iTunes

The Veronicas/Goodbye to You: Warm Up

Lady GaGa/Bad Romance (Skrillex Remix): Continue warmup, bringing it out of the saddle.

Queen/Another One Bites The Dust: Standing climb

Jeremy Fisher/Scar That Never Heals: Standing Climb with accelerations

Melissa Etheridge/Like the Way I Do: Standing climb

Kaiser Chiefs/Every Day I Love You Less and Less: Seated Flat

G. Love/50 Ways to Leave your Lover: Standing climb, @ 3:00, seated flat for 1:22

Jenna Drey/ All out Of Love: Seated Accelerations

Rusted Root/Suspicious Minds: Alternated Seated/standing climb

CHris Willis & David Guetta/Love is Gone: Seated Accelerations

Kelly Clarkson/Stronger: Standing flat

Boys Like Girls/Love Drunk: Seated Accelerations

R.E.M./Everybody Hurts: Cool Down

Eric Carmen/All By Myself: Stretch


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