Push It Spin Mix 1/30/12

30 Jan


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Counting Crows/Accidentally In Love Warm up

Baby Animals/One Word Warm up-standing flat (the Amazon link is a much slower version of this song)

Aretha Franklin/Think Standing climb

Blumchen/Bicycle Race-On the Air Mix Seated accelerations

Salt-N-Pepa/Push It Standing climb

The Beatles/Revolution Seated flat—>climb

Joshua James/Coal WarStanding climb

Shakira/Gypsy Alternate seated/standing climb

Infected Mushroom/Ratio Shmatio Seated accelerations

Stereophonics/I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio Standing climb

Afro Celt Sound System/Lovers Of Light Rolling hills

Kelly Clarkson/Stronger (Papercha$er Radio Mix Standing Flat

Tabata Songs/Hip-Hop Tabata (feat. Coach) Seated: 20 Seconds on, 10 seconds recovery.  Haven’t used this Hip hop version yet.  They should have called it ‘beat box Tabata’ 🙂  Funny!

Green River Ordinance/Dancing Shoes Cool Down

John Mayer/Free Falln’-Live at the Nokia Theatre Stretch

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