(Don’t) Take It Easy Spin Mix (1/23/12)

22 Jan


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Here’s the playlist with teaching notes for Monday:

Marshall Crenshaw/Someday, Someway: Someone posted this one on Ping recently.  I forgot how much I loved this song!  Warm up.

Rihanna/We Found Love (Cahill Edit): Continue with the warm up, bringing it up out of the saddle.

MIKA/Relax, Take It Easy: I’m really in to MIKA lately. I love Lollipop and (Big Girls) You Are Beautiful by them as well.  A heard a girl in class this morning say “I LOVE this song!”  I love when that happens.  Alternate standing/seated climb.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela/Hanuman: I can’t get enough of these two.  Their talent truly amazes me.  If you haven’t checked them out, you must Youtube them.  Just listening isn’t enough.  They put their whole heart and soul into it.  Good stuff.  20 second accelerations.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners/Come On Eileen: Standing climb.  At about the 3:20 mark, take off some gear and pick it up to a standing flat.  Recovery at the end with a little Irish blessing.

Beats Antique/Beauty Beats: Seated climb, adding gear every 30-45 seconds.

Dan Black/Symphonies: Steepest hill of the day.  Standing climb, gear every minute.

Devin and The Octaves/Canon In D: Seated flat

Gaelic Storm/Drink The Night Away:  Standing flat

Scooter/J’adore Hardcore: Here’s a song I would NEVER listen to outside of spinning but I absolutely love it for some good old sprints. I’m pretty sure he drops an F-bomb at the beginning of the song which I just noticed during class today.   25 seconds each x4.

Black Stone Cherry/Blame It On The Boom Boom: Keep on rockin’.  Love this Black Stone Cherry Song.  Standing climb.

Aa/Best of Seven: Another seated flat. I always remind my students:”This is NOT a recovery…you should be working at it!”

Sting/Desert Rose: Alternate seated/standing climb

Tabata Songs/Tribal Tabata (feat. Coach): I’ve been using Tabata training songs at the end of each class. (20 seconds on/10 second recovery for for minutes x8) Not only is it fun, but it tells you when to ‘go’ and when to ‘break’, so I don’t have to say a thing.  Those that know me though, know that I have to talk through it anyway…  Hey, sometimes I just like my cues better. 🙂

NEEDTOBREATHE/Washed By The Water: Cool down

Instrumental Songs Music/Here Comes The Sun: Cool down/stretch

Marc Cohn/Into The Mystic: I LOVE Marc Cohn’s voice, and I LOVE this song, so the two together make the perfect match.  Stretch.


4 Responses to “(Don’t) Take It Easy Spin Mix (1/23/12)”

  1. spinmuse January 24, 2012 at 2:08 pm #

    Hey Chris! I’ve found myself into MIKA lately too! Great stuff for sure. Question about tabata – I love the tabata theory, and have used it in spin class either in the middle or towards the end of the class. How do you “teach” to it exactly? for the 20 seconds on, do you suggest to the riders they go ALL OUT and give it 110% of what they have left, or do you typically suggest a moderate resistance since they just (almost) completed a full spin class? When I did it in the middle, I said we have 6 sets of 20 ON 10 OFF, and suggested a moderate resistance since it was in the middle of class. What’s your take?

  2. chrispins January 24, 2012 at 8:57 pm #

    Good question. I ‘suggest’ moderate resitance rather than an all out sprint really no matter where I put it in the class because I don’t think 10 seconds is truly long enough to recovery properly after 20 seconds of all out effort. I also suggest sitting one out if anyone feels the need to take some extra recovery. The tabata songs aren’t my favorite, but I love that they are already timed out for me and my class knows the drill by now.

  3. spinmuse January 24, 2012 at 10:06 pm #

    Totally agree with you on the recovery part. It’s so short!!!! I did it on my own once on the bike and used all out resistance and honestly I was dying after 2 minutes. I haven’t used the tabata songs yet but they do sound helpful – if you are ever looking for a good “regular” song to do tabata to, i figured out that “the time” by black eyed peas can work perfectly to the music for like, a round of 2 intervals, then a break, and then 4 more. good stuff!

  4. chrispins January 25, 2012 at 3:02 am #

    Ooooooh! Thanks! I have that one!

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