Back In Business Playlist

15 Jan


Hey Everyone!  I’m so sorry about the lack of playlist posting last week.  As promised, I am posting my first playlist today and there are two more on the way this week!  It’s taking me a while to get used to the new computer, so things are a little slow-moving.

Oh, and here’s something new:  After a long Facebook hiatus, I’ve decided to start-up again.  I’ve created a new ‘Chrispins’ FB page where I will be posting my playlists and such, so if you want playlist updates on your FB feed, check out the link on the right side of the blog and ‘Like’ Chrispins on Facebook!

Training Ride #4

I’m doing a training ride once a week for a group that is participating in the Ride For Missing Children.  Many of the riders are people who work in my school district, so it’s fun to show them what indoor cycling is all about and to help that stay in shape when it’s too cold to get out on the road!  Also, many of them have not been to my other classes, so I can throw some of my old favorites into the playlists without them getting bored to tears with the same old music!  Here’s the playlist I used with them this week:

Listen to this playlist in iTunes!

 Silver Screen Romance/Good Charlotte: Warm up

Amazing/Seal:Continue warm up and start to bring it out of the saddle

I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’/Scissor Sisters: Alternate standing/seated climb

Turning Japanese/The Vapors: Accelerations on each chorus x4.  The last one is a bit longer, so pace yourself!

The Gambler (World Cup Final Version/) The R Team (Totally cheesy, but there’s something I love about this song for spinning!  Standing flat-climb

Guilty Filthy Soul/AWOLNATION: Standing climb

For The Girl/The Fratellis: Seated Flat

Suspicious Minds/Rusted Root: Standing Flat; at around the 2:30 mark we add gear and make it a steep climb for about one minute, then take off the gear and finish with another standing flat.

Pompeii/E.S. Posthumus:  Standing Climb

Thunderstruck/Thunderstruck:  20 second accelerations x4

Immortal Megamix/Michael Jackson: Did I mention this is 9 minutes long?  I just can’t get enough of it!  Standing climb

Fire/Scooter:  I use this one a lot to end my classes.  Whenever he says ‘FIRE!!!’ we accelerate! There are four in all and each one is about 20 seconds.

100 Years/Five For Fighting/Cool Down

You Dance/Peter Bradley Adams/Stretch

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