I Need A Time Out!

10 Jan

Phew!  Sorry I have not posted a playlist in a while guys.  This week has been so busy!  Between two kids, 5 basketball games, 3 practices, 3 spin classes and 19 kindergarten report cards and one trip to the E.R., I have barely had enough time to breathe.  To top it all off, we just got a new computer and we have to take this one to the Apple store to have all of our ‘stuff’ transferred over.

I made my husband promise me to wait until I created at least three new playlists and transferred them to my iPod before he took the computer in, so I promise to try to post those playlists as soon as the new computer is here.  I tried to create playlists on the iPad, but it seems like a much slower process.  (Maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing yet…)

So please don’t think I’ve forgotten you.  I promise, things will be back to normal soon, so check back next week for some new rockin’ playlists and maybe even teaching notes!

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