Christmas Lights Spin Mix 12/7/11

7 Dec

iTunes has been giving me all kinds of trouble recently and I have not been able to publish my playlists like I have been. I was able to get a few songs from this playlist to publish, but not the entire playlist.  So here’s the link to the songs that were published there.  Click on the other songs to view them in Amazon (Take THAT iTunes-I’m not linking to you-HA!).  Hopefully iTunes will resolve these issues before too long.  I know that I am not the only one having trouble.  😦

Grouplove/Don’t Say Oh Well (2:38) Warm up

Annie Lennox/Little Bird(4:49) Alternate standing/seated climb

Milk & Sugar & Vaya Con Dios/Hey (Nah Neh Nah) (3:42) :00-1:35 Seated climb/ 2:22-3:24 Seated flat

Edward Maya, Vika Jigulina/Stereo Love (Chris Kaeser Remix) (4:06) Seated accelerations @ 1:16 (30 seconds); 2:32 (20 seconds) and 3:36 (30 seconds)

Mary J. Blige/Aint Nobody (3:57) Standing climb

Cirque Du Soleil/Steel Dream (5:13) :00- :53 Seated climb; :53-1:53 Standing climb;1:53-4:10 Seated climb; 4:10-5:13 Standing climb

Barry Harris/Dive In The Pool (feat. Pepper Meshay)(3:58) Standing Flat

Dishwalla/It’s Going To Take Some Time (4:12) :00-3:17 Standing climb; at 3:17, take some gear off and pick up the pace.

Scooter/The Sound Above My Hair (4:37) Seated accelerations @ :30 (30 seconds); 1:53 (30 seconds);2:45 (20 seconds); 3:38 (50 seconds)

G. Love & Special Sauce/Cold Beverage (2:34) Standing climb. Just for fun-this song cracks me up!

Young The Giant/My Body (4:04) Alternate standing/seated flat

Corvus Corax/Mit Dans Is All Die Werlt Genesen (3:25) Standing climb

Yule/Amazing Grace (3:34) 60 second seated accelerations @ 1:00 and 2:49

Coldplay/Christmas Lights(4:02) Cool Down

Sarah Mclachlan/River -Stretch



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