A Christmas Favorite and Freebies!

3 Dec

Get it here for $3.99!

As a cycling instructor, I am constantly listening to and purchasing new music to use in my classes.  It’s a serious addiction, but I have so much fun doing it!  There are so many bands and musicians that I LOVE, but don’t get to use much in my playlists because they just don’t have a ton of songs that are what I like to call ‘spinworthy’.  The Beatles, Indigo Girls and James Taylor to name a few.  I did have a playlist heavy on the James Taylor when I taught a class the same night I was going to see him in concert! (Check out this post to listen!)

Now that the Christmas season is here (I can say that because it IS December now after all…), I love to listen to Christmas music in the car and while I’m running around the house. My absolute favorite is James Taylor at Christmas.  I seriously listen to it over and over.  Good news too!  It’s ON SALE at Amazon for 3.99!  I swear you won’t be disappointed.  And if you get the chance to see him in concert, you must not miss it!

If you love holiday music like I do, then you’ll love FREE holiday music even better!  Amazon is offering 25 days of FREE HOLIDAY MUSIC through the month of December.  Hopefully you’ll find something you like!  Click here —>to go to Amazon’s site and start downloading! Have a happy, holiday season everyone!


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