Woo Hoo Spin Mix 11/28/11

27 Nov


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You Me And Everyone We Know/Build Me Up Buttercup (3:06) Warm Up

Kings Of Leon/Woo Hoo(3:31) Continue to warm up and bring it out of the saddle

Coldplay/Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (4:03) Alternate standing/seated climb

A.R. Rahman & Madhumitha/Millionaire (2:44)  Seated accelerations

Daughtry/Outta My Head (3:31) Standing climb

Mary J. Blige/Whole Lotta Love (3:39) :00-1:50 Seated Climb; 1:50 pick up the pace; final guitar solo: all out seated effort!

Melissa Etheridge/Like The Way I Do (5:25) Seated Climb

Balkan Beat Box/War Again (3:18) Seated flat

Fluke/Slid (Glid Edit) (3:45) Standing Climb

 DJ Black vs. 1-0-1/What…?!?(Original Radio) (3:34) Seated Accelerations

Styx/Renegade (4:15) Alternate Standing/Seated Climb

Indian Calling/The Last of The Mohicans (4:37) Alternate Standing /Seated Climb

Goldfinger/99 Red Balloons (3:54) Seated accelerations

Sara Bareilles/Many The Miles (5:11) Cool Down/Stretch

Joshua Radin/I’d Rather Be With You (2:49) Stretch


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