Thank You (Kind and Generous) Spin Mix (11/23/11)

23 Nov


So much to be thankful for this year!  Happy, happy Thanksgiving everyone!

(I’m having some trouble publishing playlilsts on iTunes at the moment, so I’ve linked each song individually.)

Go Walking Down There/Chris Isaak

I Want Freedom/Chris Joss

What’s The Frequency Kenneth?/R.E.M


I Eat Cannibals, Pt. 1/Total Coelo


Bad Motor Scooter/Montrose

Kind & Generous/Natalie Merchant

Pretty Vegas/INXS

300 Violin Orchestra/Jorge Quentero

Nothing Ever Hurt Like You/James Morrison

Vivaldi Rocks/Mark Wood

Rotton To The Core/The Builders and The Butchers

Turbelence/Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke

Never Going Back Again/Fleetwood Mac

Into The Mystic/Marc Cohn

The Wood Song/Inidigo Girls


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