Kick It Up A Notch Spin Mix: (11/21/11)

20 Nov


We’re going to kick it up a notch this week in preparation for the big meal on Thursday! I’ve stilll got so much to do to get ready for Thanksgiving at my house, but I can’t slack on the spinning playlists! This playlist has a few songs you may recognize if you (or your kids) are video game addicts.  Bow Down (To No Man) by Hogni is from NBA 2K11 and there are two songs from Need For Speed (Kick It Up a Notch and Decalomania).  See, you can find some good music in the least likely places!  Some decent climbs in this profile, so get your legs ready.

Listen to the entire playlist in iTunes!

Move/Mercy Me (2:58) Warm up

Without Jagger/Maroon 5, Usher, David Guetta/Basic Physics (4:08) You can get this mashup at  It’s Without You and Moves Like Jagger all rolled into one.  Continue your warm up while bringing it out of the saddle for a standing flat.

Landslide (Remix)/Fleetwood Mac (3:26) Ok, I’ll admit, this is a little cheesy.  But I love this classic Fleetwood Mac song and probably wouldn’t spin to it unless it had a little drum beat in the background.  So cheese it up and start climbing!

Decalomania/Junkie XL (2:42) Our first set of accelerations

Dancing Machine (Paul Oakenfold Remix)/Jackson 5 (5:24) Alternate standing/seated climbs here

Viva La Gloria/Greenday (3:31) Seated flat

Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)/Mika (4:08) My 10 year old son walks around singing this one all the time, since it’s been playing non-stop in my car lately.  It’s totally catchy.  Love it! Standing climb

Bow Down (To No Man)/Hogni (2:41) Another standing climb. Short and steep!

Slide/Goo Goo Dolls (3:32) Take some gear off and keep on climbing.

Kick it Up A Notch/Paul Linford (4:21) Round two of seated accelerations.

Waiting For The End/Linkin Park (3:52) Alternate seated/standing climb here.

Lacrimosa Sominae/The Immediate (2:57) Seated hill accellerations x30seconds

Walk This Way/David Garrett & Orianthi (2:57) Standing Flat

Amazing Grace/Dropkick Murphys(2:39) Last set of seated accellerations.

You Dance (Acoustic Version)/Peter Bradley Adams (4:16) Cool down

Sacred Buddha/Joana Toader, Sina Vodjani (4:32) Not my typical style song, but I was feeling like a little chill out music was in order.  Stretch


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