Get it Girl Cycling Mix and What’s On Repeat and Some Halloween Song Ideas

18 Oct

Hey, Hey! Happy Saturday!

I haven’t posted a ‘What’s on Repeat’ in a while, so I thought I’d begin with a few songs that I can’t get enough of lately. One is a cool down and the other can be used as a flat road or a hill

I first heard this one when she sang it on Jimmy Fallon back in September and I’ve been using it for a cool down ever since. I seriously cannot stop hitting the repeat button! It’s powerful. It’s political. It’s beautiful.  You can read about why she wrote it here.  I can’t get enough of Alicia Keys’ We Are Here:

The second song I have on repeat is by another great female voice, Macy Gray. This one is from her new album, The Way.  I love her unique voice and at about 80 RPMS, you can use it as a flat or a hill.  This one was also featured in last week’s playlist:

I just realized that Halloween is creeping up on us.  If you’re looking for some great tunes, follow our Halloween collaborative playlist in Spotify.  I’m sure you’ll find something here you can use!

This was the final week of the ICI/PRO Challenge!  I have so much to share from the final week!  John and Lena were kind enough to give us two weeks to complete the challenges, so I’ll be posting my final results at the end of the week.  Can’t wait to share how I did with you!

Here’s this week’s playlist:

**Check out the screenshot of the playlist and don’t forget:  If you are going to use the playlist with my teaching notes, it’s a good idea to recreate it in Spotify in case I make any changes to the playlist in the future!

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 6.39.10 AM

Click to enlarge

Seven Nation Army: Warm up

Sweat: Warm up–>standing climb

Sweep the Leg:  Alternate seated/standing climb

Lola Montez: seated accelerations

Jai Ho: Standing climb

Salterello:  Seated flat

Blame: Jumps

Devil Drums:  Seated accelerations

Best Day Of My Life: Standing climb

Grace Kelly: Seated climb

Black Parade: Seated Flat

Working Day and Night: Alternate seated/standing climb

Party in The USA: Recovery

Tabata: Seated acceletations 8×20 seconds

I Put a Spell On You:  Cool Down

Superman: Stretch

Bang Bang Cycling Mix and Week Three Challenge Results

12 Oct


Happy Weekend!!! Week three of the Indoor Cycling Instructor’s challenge is coming to a close, and I’m officially calling this the most challenging week so far! Here are the challenges and my responses to them:
#15 – Create a scripted class opening: “Great actors don’t show up on set and improvise as soon as the camera starts rolling. They practice putting their own personality into the words scripted for them…. Practice delivering your opening and closing scripts and you’ll be as polished as a professional actor.”  How did I do?  Here’s what I came up with.  Obviously it would be different for each class, but you get the idea:

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 8.06.32 PM

#16 – Let’s learn some names this week. Who have you said “HI” to for weeks, months or years… but you have no clue what their first name is? Let’s correct that, shall we? Approach all of your nameless regulars with a friendly statement like; “ Hi – forgive me, but I’ve forgotten your name” and have some method in-hand to record it so you’ll know it next week. Post about how you felt before and after this challenge. How did I do? First of all, I’m really not great at remembering names, especially of people that are in and out. I do know my ‘regulars’ names. This week I connected with a woman who comes to my class sporadically. She brought a friend who was brand new to spin, so while I was setting her friend up, I chatted both of them up a bit and learned their names. I’m all about doing my research, so I found an article online that gives some great tips on remembering names. It does feel great to be able to call people by name and I know they appreciate it-I sure would! I’m up to doing more of this as time goes on with people that come and go.

#17 – Teach 30% to 100% of your next class (15-20 minutes or the whole class) with the instructor bike in a different position than it usually is (e.g. if your bike is up front, take a bike among the riders and teach from there). How did this change your class? How did I do? I had a lot of fun with this one. I set up my instructor bike in the front of the class and then another bike among my riders. I transitioned from my instructor’s bike to the other bike for a few songs during class. I especially liked being with the riders during our last ‘final push’ song, which was a Tabata interval. It gave the feeling that I was working right with them and everyone pushed a little harder because of it. Once I figure out how to get my mic to stop screeching, it was all good. :) I will definitely do this again.

#18 – Create a new student hand out: include information that you think would help new participants understand the basics about your facility’s indoor cycling program, and/or possibly what’s unique or special about your classes. Get creative! Do you have a Facebook group you want to promote? Have an informal meet-up after class? Special event? Save the handout in the File folder with your name as the file name when you’re ready. How did I do?  It’s still a work in progress, but here is what I’ve got so far:

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 8.10.11 PM

Click to enlarge

#19 – It’s time to take a cycling class! Participate in a different IC class on a different brand of Indoor Cycle. Best if it could be on a bike that uses a different type of resistance; i.e. if you teach on a friction bike (all Spinners, Lemond, Livestrong, old Schwinn) find a studio with Keiser’s, FreeMotion or Schwinn AC’s. Pay close attention throughout the class to what it feels like. How is it different from your normal bike? Would you cue differently? If so, how? How did I do? As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not close enough to another facility so that this challenge would fit into my schedule this week, but I did take a class on Keiser bikes about a month or so ago, so I can report on that. I teach on the Spinner NXT . No consoles. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I LOVE the Keiser bikes. The bikes are just about a year old, so the ride was very smooth compared to our 6 year old bikes. Using a bike with a power meter/console would force me to completely change my cueing, but I’d definitely be up for it because, did I mention, I love those bikes!!!

#20 – Take a Group Fitness class you’ve never taken before; what did you learn that you could use in your IC classes? How did I do? I kind of cheated on this one too. I’m not kidding when I tell you that I’ve taken just about every class that is offered at my gym. It would have really been a challenge for me if I had taken Zumba, but unfortunately, I was not able to fit that one into my schedule this week. Most of our Zumba classes are oddly enough scheduled opposite my cycling class which is also a problem. So I’m going with PIYO-even though I have done it twice before. I really wasn’t sure if I liked PIYO the first time I took it, but each time I go, I like it a little more. It’s definitely a whole body workout. What did I learn that I could use in my own class? As much as I liked the class and the instructor, one of my frustrations was that the instructor didn’t cue the next move soon enough, so it led to a lot of confusion among the participants. When I was in downward dog, I had to strain my neck to see what the instructor was doing next and it really didn’t make for a smooth transition. I take a Yoga class once a week and the instructor is so great at cueing that I could do the entire class with my eyes closed.  I definitely try to cue riders well ahead of any position changes or if we are changing movements.  

#21 – Share a group picture of you and your riders after your next IC class. For some of us it means stepping out of our comfort zone, but that’s what this challenge is all about! How did I do? Here’s a picture of most of my Friday group after our 45 minutes spin and before our 45 minute toning. These folks work their butts off every single week!!:


Ok John and Lena…bring on the final week of challenges.  I’m ready!

On to this week’s playlist.  Lot’s of great new stuff in this one so be sure to check out some of these tunes. :)

American Kids:  I don’t typically listen to country music, but I heard this one in a trailer for an upcoming film at the movie theater last weekend and I really liked it!  Works great for a warm up..

I Lived:  A bunch of new remixes of this one just came out and I’m really digging them all.  Alternate seated/standing climb

Bang Bang:  A new one from Macy Gray. I love her unique voice and I’m sure you guys will love this one.  We rode at around 81 RPMS, so it was a seated flat with a good amount of gear.

Heroes: Standing climb with jumps on a hill

Stolen Dance:  Just try to say “Stolen Dance by Milky Chance” three times fast. :)  Seated climb with accelerations out of the saddle on the chorus.

Pound the Alarm: Seated accelerations

Take my Number: Standing climb

Zoo York: Seated climb

The Soundmaker: Rider’s choice

Key to Success: Recovery

Tabata: Seated acclerations 8×20 seconds with 10 second recoveries.

Never Going Back Again: Cool Down

Have a great week!

Interactive Chase Cycling Profile and A Challenge Update

4 Oct

Hi Everyone!  Well, week number two of the Indoor Cycling Instructor’s Challenge is almost complete.  The challenges were tough again this week, but I was able to complete many of them.


Here are the challenges and how I think I did this week:

#8 Teach an “interactive ride” where you divide the class into teams and have them work together. Get creative and don’t let a small or scattered class dampen your enthusiasm for completing this challenge. If your class is normally spread out around the room, this could be a great excuse to bring everyone closer together before the start of class. How did I do?  I loved this challenge, because I’ve never really created a profile like this before.  I headed over the to Profile Forum on Pedal-On for some inspiration and modified a “Chase” profile that I found there. The details are below along with the playlist that I used.  It was a fun class and definitely made me want to do more like it in the future.  I also combined this challenge with Challenge #9 (see below) and spent a good deal of time off the bike to coach this one.   

#9 Spend 20% (10 or 15 minutes) of your next class off the bike; what is your #1 take away from this experience? This could be easily combined with challenge #8 :) How did I do?  This was a tough one for me, but since my main goal for this entire 28 days is to get off the bike more, it was something I just needed to jump into.  Since I was teaching the Interactive Chase Profile, it was actually easy to get off the bike to coach.  Each side of the room was doing something different, so I spent some time both on and off the bike working with both groups.  On a side note, an instructor that used to work at my gym would spend a  lot of his time off the bike and members often told me that this made them uncomfortable.  I believe the uncomfortable part came from him touching the handlebars, sometimes touching the members hands or shoulders and  even turning gear for them!  So I feel like my job of getting off the bike has been made even more difficult because many members didn’t appreciate that in the past.  I did assure members that I would be getting off the bike to coach, but that I would never touch them, their bike or their gear. This seemed to put them (and me) more at ease and everyone was happy with it.  Was I completely comfortable? Nope.  I definitely feel more comfortable on the bike, but I will continue to get  off the bike here and there during class to check on new members and help with form and coaching.  

#10 Put on your reporter’s hat and interview a participant about their fitness goals and objectives. Find and ask someone in your class to meet with you one-on-one, away from the studio if possible. Better to select someone who you’ve never engaged with, beyond the normal niceties in your class. Your goal is to learn as much as you can about their “fitness life”. This isn’t their opinion of you or your class, but rather to learn as much about their personal fitness story as possible. Interviewing is about asking open ended questions and then listening fully to their answers.  How did I do?  I really enjoyed this challenge!  I love helping people work toward their goals. This is part of why I love Indoor Cycling.  It’s such a great feeling when people tell you how your class has changed them somehow.  But I’ve never really asked anyone to share their goals at the beginning of their journey.  I interviewed a woman from class that has just started to get back into the flow of working out after taking some time off this summer.  She had recently lost a good deal of weight and has regained back some of it, so her goal is to lose the weight again.  She takes several classes at our gym, but she said that Cycling is her favorite, because of the calorie burn.  She mentioned that cycling classes always help her to lose the most weight.  As far as her overall experience with the facility, she is quite pleased with all that is offered to her, but she mentioned that she was disappointed with the child watch hours not always matching up with the classes she likes to take.  If you remember last week’s challenge, I’ve already tackled that one!  I was able to get child watch extended for one of my classes, but I’m hoping they will look into the schedule and offer it for all classes in the future.  I’m happy that this participant took the time to sit and talk with me about her fitness story and her goals, and I am invested in helping her achieve them.  I hope to do more of this with members in the future!  

#11 Reach out to another challenge participant and share your latest playlist and profile with them. Ask for critique and feedback. Share what was the best piece of advice you received from them? How did I do? Ok, this may be the easy way out, but I’m reaching out to anyone that is participating in the challenge that would like to critique my profile here on the blog. Please leave your comments below. :) I promise to share what I learned next week. ;) I was asked by another challenge participant to critique her profile earlier in the week. It was awesome and I will definitely be stealing it. :)

#12 It’s time to take another cycling class! Participate in a different IC class taught by an instructor whose class you’ve never taken before; share 1 thing you’ve learned from them in comments. How did I do?  Not so well (again).  As I mentioned last week, time constraints (I have a full time job teaching Kindergarten, people.  Those little kids poop me out!) and the fact that I teach in a very small gym with just a few instructors/classes are keeping me from completing this one.  I promise to take a trip to another facility soon!  :)

#13 Reach Out to Your Teacher Week: contact the Master Instructor/Trainer who trained you when you first got certified and say THANK YOU. It could be more meaningful if you told them about something specific you remember from the training. Share a few words about them with this group.  How did I do?  Well, not so great on this one either.  The instructor that got me started is no longer teaching and has moved on.  I honestly would not know how to get in touch.  I am happy to report that I pretty much thanked him every chance I got while he was still working at my gym.  He got me started doing something I love doing and I am forever grateful for that.  :)

#14 Find and use a new “tool” for your next IC class. Could be anything that enhances what you do; new music/class building app, music resource, video hookup, Facebook group to connect to your class, suggestions jar, settings box for new students, etc. Preferably something you’ve been afraid to try or have avoided in the past. How did I do?  The tool that I used (created) is one that involves an RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) scale.  How did I do?The bikes I use don’t have meters, so I’ve always tried to let members know how they should be feeling during a particular point in the profile using verbal cues.  After doing some research and combining ideas from different instructors on one of the Facebook Cycling groups that I frequent, I came up with this visual for my participants to refer to during class. I like that it only has four levels.  Any more than that seemed like too much to me.  It really helps with my talkers too, because if I tell you you are on a level four then you should definitely NOT be talking to your neighbor! Here’s a screen shot of the visual:


How did I do overall?  I’m giving myself a B- this week.  Since I still have not completed the ‘take another class’ challenge and I was not able to get in touch with my mentor.  I definitely rocked the other challenges though.  Thanks again Lena and John at ICI-PRO for another fun week!  Bring on the other half of the challenges!!

Here is the profile and playlist for my Interactive Chase Profile (see challenge #1) This is a 45 minute class. You could add one or two more intervals for an hour class.

Sinner:  Warm up in the saddle

*During this ride, divide the class evenly into two groups.

There are seven intervals, each followed by a recovery.

Interval 1: (Good Feeling-4:00)

Group 1:  Seated climb (2:00)

Group 2:  Standing climb (2:00)

Group 1:  Standing climb (2:00)

Group 2:  Seated climb (2:00)

Recover: (Who Won? 1:02)

Interval 2: (Animals-5:00)

Group 1: Seated climb (2:30)

Group 2: Jumps on a Hill (2:30)

Group 1: Jumps on a Hill (2:30)

Group 2:  Seated climb (2:30

Recover: (It’s Over 1:03)

Interval 3: (Breakin’ a Sweat-5:00)

*30 second seated accelerations followed by 30 second recoveries (5 accelerations in all). Alternating groups, group 1 starts.

Recover: (Solitaire 1:00)

Interval 4: (Ten Feet Tall 6:00)

Group 1: Seated Climb (3:00)

Group 2: Standing Climb (3:00)

Group 1: Standing Climb (3:00)

Group 2: Seated Climb (3:00)

Recover: (Training Day-1:04)

Interval 5: (Titanium 4:00)

Group 1: Seated Flat (2:00)

Group 2: Seated Fast Flat (2:00)

Group 1: Seated Fast Flat (2:00)

Group 2: Seated Flat (2:00)

Recover: (Malliout Vert 1:10)

Interval 6: (Survival 4:00)

Group 1: Seated Flat (1:00)

Group 2: Standing Flat (1:00)
**Continue to alternate groups Seated and standing flat. We had an extra 20 seconds or so at the end so I had both groups stand and push out of the saddle at the end of the song. The lyrics are great for this particular profile!

Recover: (A Well Oiled Machine 1:02)

Interval 7: Witchcraft (4:00)

*Alternating seated accelerations for 30 seconds on, 30 second recovery ( 4 in all) -group 2 starts.

Jib Ride:  Cool down

Have a great week!

Shake It Off Cycling Mix and the ICI/PRO Challenge Update

28 Sep

The ICI/PRO Instructor’s Challenge that I blogged about last week is now in full swing and it’s way harder than I thought! But just like the headline says: ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’, right? I’ve been having fun trying to complete all of the challenges for the week. Some I’ve completed successfully, and others…not so much. I guess I have to take every day life into account, since I work full time and I had some personal obligations to attend to this week. I do fully intend to complete any challenges that I missed this week as soon as I possibly can! :)

Here are the challenges that were set before us and some brief notes about how I did with each one:

1.We all have areas where we know we could improve. Today’s challenge is to publicly commit to one tangible improvement at least for the next 27 days of the challenge (e.g.: start your class on time, spend more time helping new students, not be in a hurry to leave, build in more warmup into your profile, etc..) How did I do? This one is an ongoing challenge and it will be the toughest, for sure. I chose to challenge myself to teach more off the bike. Even if it’s just getting off the bike once during class to check up on riders. I will be working on this one over the 28 days and I will keep you updated. :)

2.It’s time to take a cycling class! Who has the most popular class in town? Ask around to figure out who’s it is, go there and take it this week. Your goal is to find out what makes it so popular and report back with what you’ve learned.
How did I do? This is a tough one for me since I only have one other evening instructor at my gym and I’ve taken her class before (she’s only been teaching about a month or so and she’s doing a great job, BTW)! Taking a morning class is out of the question since I work full time during the day. The next closest place that offers IC classes is several towns away so I do have a plan to attend a class there when my schedule allows it and hopefully before the 28 Day Challenge is over!

3.Time to get social with your team. Arrange an off-site meet up (drinks / Lunch / Coffee) with the other indoor cycling (or group fitness) instructors from your facility – get to know people you work with, socialize and tell us how many new friends you made! It maybe helpful to tell them that you’ve committed to this challenge and you need their help. Pictures from the outing are welcome and greatly appreciated! How did I do? This was any easy one. I love this gals and we always have a lot of laughs. Our coffee date was this morning and we actually spent a lot of time processing last week’s challenges and giving each other ideas for completing this week’s challenges.

4. Reach out to your facility’s Physical Director/Manager and propose at least one concrete idea on how to make your facility’s IC program better – and offer to help implement your idea. Share the experience and results with the group.
How did I do? Another instructor and I actually both proposed the same idea to management without even knowing the other had done it. Remember that fun new class I’m teaching? Well, it goes from 5-6:30 pm on Friday evenings and I was getting a lot of complaints from members that they couldn’t come or had to leave early because our child watch closes at 6pm. I proposed that they extend the child watch hours to accommodate the extended class time and they agreed to keep it open on a trial basis and will hopefully continue to keep it open as long as there is a need for it. I’m hoping that this will encourage them to look at the times that child watch is open and try to accommodate class schedules in the future.

5. Record your class audio from one class and report back what you hear – or don’t hear… How did I do? I just finished listening to my class audio from last night’s class. I recorded with my iPhone and I have to say, the audio quality is actually really great! Another first impression from listening to the recording- “This playlist rocks!” (You can find it below :)) So, what did I hear…or not hear? Well, I was happy with how I explained the profile to the riders as we progressed through the ride. Instruction was clear and precise and they definitely always knew what was coming next. That’s something I really appreciate as a participant. There were lots of form and motivational cues. I do wonder if sometimes I could say the same things a bit differently so I don’t sound like a broken record. (“Relax your shoulders!!!” ) I think I could have added more instruction at the beginning of class (during warm up). I usually let the participants get their talking out during this time, so I don’t say much-especially if the class is filled with regulars. But even if there is one person that is new, or new to me, it’s probably a good idea to go over form, rules, etc. during warm up. I also heard two possible class crushers: 1. My mic went crazy at one point and started screeching!! Mic issues are the worst. Thankfully I resolved the issue quickly with humor and everything was back to normal within a few seconds, although our ears might never be the same. 2. I used a new Tabata track at the end of class, and because I wasn’t used to the timing, I totally messed up the first interval. We all make mistakes sometimes, so it was no big deal. We worked through it and it was all good. :) All and all, I think if I were hearing this recording for the first time, I would definitely want to take this class! Did I mention the music rocked?

7. Ask some of your participants to fill out the feedback form after your class.
How did I do? Great! Lena and John were kind enough to develop a short and sweet feedback form for us which I handed out to a few members that were kind enough to share their feedback. The participant were asked to rank the following attributes in order of importance:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 1.58.28 PM

. Here’s what I found: Most of the participants that filled out the form cited ‘motivation’ as most important. Fun was low on most lists, although a few mentioned that all of them were important. Oh, and apparently, having a friendly instructor is least important to many of them so I might need to stop trying to be so nice all the time…kidding.;)

8. Give a fellow instructor a day off – ask them to take a day off and teach their class for them
How did I do? Well, it didn’t happen this week, but the open invitation is out there. I’m always available to sub in the evenings. :)

So if I were to give myself a grade for this week, I’d say I get a solid B. I got no points for subbing or for attending another class, but I made a promise to do both before the challenge ends. I’m definitely proud of how well I did considering I work full time and teaching cycling is just a part time gig for me. I’m sure these challenges will be trickier for any instructors that are in this same boat. Working at a smaller gym makes it more difficult to complete some of the challenges as well, but the plan is to modify and do what I can with the resources available to me. I’m looking forward to next week’s challenges!

Now for this week’s playlist: (45 minute playlist)

Desert Rose: Continue warm up the move into alternating standing/seated climb

Shake it Off: Warm up

I Want To Break Free: Seated fast, flat road

Love Runs Out: Jumps on a hill

Candy Man: Pace picks up @ 1:03 for your first seated accelerations. Accelerate in the saddle every 30 seconds

Warriors: Loving this new short and sweet Imagine Dragons tune! Standing climb

Back to The Earth: Seated climb

Jump On My Shoulders: Seated climb with accelerations out of the saddle on the chorus x3

I Lived: Rider’s choice

Count It: Recovery

Tabata: seated accelerations 8×20 seconds with 20 second recoveries/cool down

We will Rock You: Cool Down

State I’m In & Figure It Out Cycling Mixes

20 Sep

Happy weekend everyone! Hope it’s going great so far!! Are you up for a challenge?  In case you haven’t heard, fellow blogger Lean Lena is teaming up with ICI/PRO to bring us this Indoor Cycling Instructor 28 Day Challenge.  If you haven’t already signed up, you definitely should.  Because, well, who DOESN’T love a good challenge.  I have to admit, I am a little nervous going into it without much information, but I’m up for it. Check out Lena’s post and sign up on her blog!  I’ll be posting my progress as I go through the challenge, so stay tuned. And did I mention there will be amazing prizes?  Like a 6 month subscription to ICI-PRO and a VACATION??  So cool!  The challenge begins tomorrow (9/21). Good luck instructors! (Click on the pic to go to the FB page!)

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 6.21.27 PM

In my last blog post, I shared a few new playlists and I’ve been asked by several of you to post my teaching notes for one of them. Here’s the playlist one more time and check out the (brief) teaching notes just below. Just a reminder that my teaching notes are just kind of a thumbnail sketch of what I do in class. I don’t go into great detail, but hopefully you get the idea of how you can use the music as is, or how you can ride to individual songs. :)

Sinner: Warm up

All About That Bass: Warm up continued, bring it out of the saddle for a standing climb

Come Get It Bae: alternate seated/standing climb

Best I Ever Had: seated accelerations on the chorus (:36 seconds, 1:40 and 2:44)

Ecstasy: Seated climb, coming out of the saddle for 20 second intervals every minute

State I’m In: Seated climb

Into the Night: standing climb

Roll Away Your Stone: Seated climb with pick ups

Wonder What You’re Doing For the Rest Of Your Life: Standing climb with Jumps

Masai: seated flat road

Blast The Speakers:Rider’s choice

Count It:recovery

Zorba’s Dance: seated flat road-at 1:00 pick up cadence and continue to pick up to 100-110 RPM, sprinting the last 15-20 seconds

Timeless:Cool down

Let Your Hair Down: stretch

The next playlist I’ll be sharing is just 45 minutes. In case you didn’t hear, I’m teaching a 90 minute class which is a combination of cycle/toning. 45 minutes on the bike, and 45 minutes off. So far it’s going great! I typically create two separate 45 minute playlists, one for the cycling portion and the other for toning. I’m not planning on posting my toning playlists, but if you want to check them out, you can find them on my Spotify profile. Here’s the 45 minute cycling playlist with teaching notes:

Let My Love Open the Door: Warm up

Cadillac, Cadillac: Continue warm up and bring it out of saddle for a standing climb.

Fire: Seated flat

Safe: Alternating seated/standing climb

Figure it Out: standing climb, picking up the pace at 2:34 to the finish

Hit It: Seated flat road with accelerations on the chorus

Sleeping With A Friend: Standing climb

The Lion The Beast The Beat: Seated climb, picking up the pace @ 1:44

What a Difference Your Love Makes: Alternating seated/standing climbs with Jumps

Who Won? Recovery

Tabata: seated accelerations 8×20 with 10 second recoveries

Hey Now: Cool Down

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a fantastic week!

My 22nd First Day of Kindergarten

4 Sep

Hey Folks! Just wanted to write a quick post to let you all know that I’m still here! I’ve been super-busy with the whole school starting thing. Today was our first day of classes and my 22nd first day as a teacher! I’ve actually been teaching kindergarten for 18 years (I taught first grade for the first four years). It sure doesn’t get any easier, but I love my job. I made 24 new, adorable friends today and we are going to have a great year together, I just know it!

My second love is indoor cycling and sharing playlists with you guys, and I know I haven’t been great at that lately, but I promise to get going again very soon! In the meantime, here are a few things to share:

I recorded a new podcast with John at ICI/PRO recently. The profile we recorded is called ‘Adirondack Climbs’ and you can check it out here! You should definitely consider a membership to ICI/PRO if you don’t already have one. There is some great stuff available there for free and amazing stuff for ICI/PRO members. Totally worth the small monthly fee. :)

I will be starting my Total Body Cycle class tomorrow, so I will be sure to keep you updated on how that’s going.

I made a new playlist to fit my Pyramid Profile and it rocked:

I also created this playlist recently:( and yes, I used All About the Bass- they loved it, but that’s my group. There’s not much they don’t like, and I’ve played it all.)

And speaking of Spotify, the word on the street is that it is now available in Canada! I know some of my Canadian followers have been waiting for this to happen for a long time, so welcome Canada to the wonderful world of Spotify! We are so glad to have you join us!!!!

*Has anyone else noticed that the new music is less than exciting lately? Other than the new Maroon 5 album of course. And speaking of Maroon 5, did you see this video of Jimmy Fallon and Adam Levine? These guys are beyond adorable.

Have a great week, and I promise to update soon!

Summer Ladders Profile

18 Aug


Happy Monday!!! With the end of my summer vacation quickly closing in, I will only be able to say that a few more times! :) Just kidding, I really do love getting back to school. Fall is my favorite season and one of the reasons is that I get to start fresh with a brand new school year.

Thanks to everyone that wrote comments about the ‘Total Body Cycle‘. Many of you are doing the same format (45 cycling/45 toning-and this seems to be the most convenient way to do the class). Some of you are doing 30 cycling, 30 toning, but don’t feel that’s enough time- I agree. And others are doing a few minutes on the bike, jumping off and doing floor work, then back on the bike, etc. That one would definitely not work for me. Many of my riders wear bike shoes and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to keep changing in and out of them. I also like my rides to simulate really riding on the road, so jumping off every few minutes wouldn’t make much sense. Also, making a playlist for a class like that would be a nightmare! Can you tell how I feel about that particular format? I promise to update you once the class gets underway and let you know how it’s going. :)

Today I’m teaching two classes, so I thought they’d really like this ‘Summer Ladder Profile’ I’ve prepared for them. I’ve done this one a few times already and it’s always a hit. You can see ride notes and playlists for this profile here and here.

Here is the playlist that I used today (NOTE: First two songs are the warm up, The Will Of Man is a recovery and Zorba’s Dance is a fast flat road—->faster!!!—–>faster!!!—–>faster—–>and sprint out the last 20 seconds!!!! So fun! My class LOVES ending on this one!):

Enjoy your week!


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