Something Borrowed-Race Through the Hills Cycling Mix

22 Jul

I am so excited to share this playlist with you. I don’t often ‘borrow’ other instructor’s playlists, but the other day as I was catching up on FB with my ‘Former Cycling Pingers’, I found this little gem from Sue K. I loved the playlist and asked if she would share her ride notes. (That’s what I love about that group-everyone is so willing to share their playlists and profiles! You should definitely join if you haven’t already!) Sue was also more than willing to allow me to share her playlist and notes here in the blog. She described it as a ‘Tour De France ride with four hills and four descents’. I taught my modified version of it last night and it went over well. It was nice to step out of my comfort zone and use another instructor’s music and ride notes. One of my riders mentioned that the music was a little different than what she’s used to hearing from me. Kind of strange because I’ve used most of the songs in the playlist before in my own playlists. Maybe it was just the combination of songs. We all agreed that it was a great profile and a tough workout!

Here is Sue’s original Spotify playlist along with her notes.

Ride notes:

Alive by Goldfrapp (3:28) warm up

Road to Ride on by Joshua Radin (3:02) flat into a moderate climb, add gear and start to pick up the intensity as we move into a short but hard hill

Roar by Axwell (2:52) Climb, hard intensity, just under 3 minutes. Add gear to get to max on this climb.

Wings by Little Mix (3:40) Downhill, first :20 is the finish to the hill then back off resistance and move into accelerations :20/10.

Glorious by Cascada (4:42) Hill-moderate into hard intensity. Catch your breath and get ready for the next mountain climb. While short, it’s harder and longer than the first hill.

Race Through the Hills by Haik Naltchayan (2:16) Hill/Mountain climb-hard intensity. Last of the mountain climb-max out the gear while keeping cadence.

Don’t Matter by Kings of Leon (2:50) Downhill run-at 1:00 sprint, back off at :30 then back to 1:00.

Long Way Down by The Goo Goo Dolls (3:29) Moderate hill- add gear and back off the cadence. As the downhill levels out, add accelerations out of the saddle on ‘Long Way Down’ (:52, :1:43, 2:45).

Because We Can by Fatboy Slim and I Would by One Direction (3:27 and 3:22) Moderate hill- As we head back uphill, add resistance. It should feel as if you’re heading into the wind on a flat. Add gear (on I Would) to slow cadence again as we make our way uphill on chorus out of the saddle with attacks (:53, 1:55, 2:46).

Baba O’Riley by Blue Man Group (5:00) Hill into downhill-There’s a little ‘bump’ in this climb, so add gear, slow cadence. Tempo changes at 3:20 (66), 3:45 (80), and 4:30 (90) to end.

Hurts Like Heaven by Coldplay (4:02) Downhill-intervals as we have a fast descent downhill.

Jai’ Envie De Toi by Armin Van Buuren (8:38) Mountain climb-hard intensity:This is the longest and hardest climb of the ride.

Boom Boom by Big Head Todd and the Monsters (3:36) Downhill 20/10 Tabata

Break Free by Ariana Grande (3:36)
The Finish Line by Train (3:43) : Last two songs are cool down and stretch!

I switched it up just a little bit for time’s sake and because I like to throw in a short recovery before my last song I also added jumps to song #5 (Glorious). I copied Sue’s playlist as is in Spotify and then I made my necessary changes:

Thanks so much for sharing this one Sue! It’s definitely a winner.

Question: Do you often use other instructor’s playlists/profiles?

Songs of the Summer- 2014

21 Jul


Recently, I posed the question to my favorite FB folks on the “Former Cycling Pingers” group about what they thought was the ‘song of the summer 2014′. There were a lot of comments on this one and here is what the ‘FCP’ers are saying:

1. Maps by Maroon 5
2. Love Don’t Die by The Fray
3. Angel In Blue Jeans by Train
4. Summer by Calvin Harris
5. Come With Me Now by KONGOS
6. Sing by Ed Sheerin
7. Love Runs Out by OneRepublic
8. Fancy by Iggy Azaela (if you have figured out a way to ride to this one, please share!)
9. Happy by Pharell Williams *While not everyone’s favorite, this one got the most votes for the song they will remember most from the summer of 2014.
10. Turn Down For What by DJ Snake and Lil John
11. Rude by Magic
12. Lovers on the Sun by David Guetta
13. Wasted by Tiesto
14. Anything by Sam Smith (I for one am loving Stay with Me for a cool down and the Stay with Me Remix for a climb).

Here are a few that were mentioned that I’d never heard:

Arcadia by Hardwell
Prayer in C by Lilly Hardwell
Beware the Dog by The Griswolds

I created a collaborative Spotify playlist including these songs, so make sure to check it out, follow and add to if you wish!

What do you think the song of the summer is? Did we miss any?

Gravity Cycling Mix

17 Jul


I’m starting off with a screen shot of my latest playlist because I’m sure a few of the songs won’t show on the player. The good news is, you can download them from the Soundcloud links below the screen shot!

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 3.40.25 PM

Here’s the Spotify player:


Ho Hey: Warm up in the saddle

Scarecrow: Warm up continued….bring up to standing

Stay With Me: Alternate seated/standing climb

Hit It: Seated accelerations @ :36 (15 seconds); 1:24 (30 seconds) and 2:48 (30 seconds)

*The next three songs are all climbs in the 60-65 RPM range-you can decide how to climb them:
Counting Stars, Radioactive and Love Runs Out

Jingo: Seated accelerations: 20 seconds on, 40 seconds off

Rumor Has It: Jumps on a hill (on the chorus): :54 (8 ct), 1:54 (4 ct) and 3:02 ( 4 or 8 ct)

Kunda Taye: Seated climb

Samba Trance: Riders’ choice

Torrential Downpours: Recovery

Tabata: Seated accelerations- 20 seconds x8 with 10 second recoveries

Gravity: Cool down

Higher Love: Stretch

See you soon with a new playlist! :)

Summertime Blues Cycling Mix

13 Jul

Sorry it’s been a while but, as promised, I’m posting my latest playlist! I was a little rushed on time so I originally thought that I would use an old playlist, but what I ended up doing was taking an old one and recreating it. ***(AWESOME SPOTIFY TIP AHEAD SO PLEASE READ!!)*** I added new songs and took out some old songs, or switched some existing songs around. So for those of you that follow my playlists and use them as is, here is a friendly warning/suggestion for you: If you are following mine (or anyone else’s) playlists in Spotify and intend to use them to teach your classes, it’s a really (I mean really, really) good idea to simply recreate the playlist song for song (I promise you this will take you less than five minutes). The reason I suggest that you do this is because when I create a playlist, I am the only one that can change it. And I do change up my playlists sometimes. So imagine syncing one of my original playlists to your device and going into your class with notes on each song and their times. On your way to class, I’m here at home switching songs around and editing the heck out of that playlist for my next class. When you get to class and hit play, it’s not at all what you thought it was. Nightmare, right? So recreate the playlist. Really, I don’t mind. I don’t own it. If you feel like you need to, you can even give me some credit. For example, I noticed some people will recreate and put my name on the title: ‘Chrispins Summertime Blues’. But don’t feel like you have to. That way, YOU are the only one that can change it! Just a friendly reminder. :)

I hope you enjoyed that Spotify tip. :) And speaking of Spotify, I have amazing news for my friends up in Canada!!! Spofify is coming!!!!

Click the picture for information on how to get on the list!

Click the picture for information on how to get on the list!

Yesterday I taught my first class in almost two weeks. I gotta tell you, it felt great to be back doing what I love. Here’s the reworked playlist that I used:

Summertime Blues (2:41): Warm up in the saddle

Fist Pump, Jump Jump (3:56) Continue to warm up in the saddle and alternate standing, seated warm up.

Be Okay (3:19) Standing climb

Thunderstruck ( 3:06) Seated accelerations: 3 of them, 25-30 seconds each

Raging Fire (3:45) Standing climb with seated flat on the chorus

Getting in the Mood (3:11) Seated flat

Sweet Whoomp (4:53) *This one is marked ‘explicit’, but I’ve used it several times and have listened to it over and over and I don’t hear any explicit lyrics.* Alternate seated/standing climb

D’Ya Wanna go Faster (2:56) Seated flat with accelerations

Shatter Me Featuring Lzzy Hale (4:41) Alternate seated/standing climb

Climbing to the Top (5:28) Seated climb

Bang it Out (4:12) Jumps!

Key to Suces (1:24) recovery

Tabata (4:03) Seated accelerations (8×20 seconds with 10 second recovery)

Stay with Me (2:53) Cool Down

Forever (3:25) Stretch

Last post, I posted some pics from my recent vacation. In case you didn’t guess, we visited Grand Canyon, Arches and Zion National Parks (Moab Utah rocks!) as well as Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. If you live out there, I’m a little jealous. It is so beautiful everywhere you look. I have to say though, there’s no place like home. Upstate New York is really a beautiful place in the summertime. I was very happy to see green grass and trees as our plane was landing and we were finally home :).

I leave you with a sunset pic from Arches National Park:


Have a fantastic week!

MIA Blogger

11 Jul

Hey there friends! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. With the end of the school year I was really busy and then vacation happened! I’ve not taught a cycle class in two weeks, so I’m excited to get back in the saddle on Saturday and promise to post a new playlist early next week. I’ll post a few more photos once I’ve had a chance to go through them, but maybe you can guess where I’ve been from the following pics:


PM (I’m on the right, second from the front.)

IMG_0531 (1)


We had a great time, but it’s good to be home! Have I missed any new music finds?

SSRR Profile With a New Playlist

14 Jun

What do you do when you have a bunch of old profiles filed away and you’re short on time? Freshen them up with new playlists of course! I did this last week with my Four Corners profile and this week I freshened up an old one called “Set, Slam, Return, Recover”. The original SSRR profile was one that I found on the Pedal-On ‘profile’ forum which is always a great place to check out when you need some inspiration. I always get lots of compliments when I use this profile. My classes love it!

Click the link above for the teaching notes. Here’s the new playlist:

Deezer Link:

Have a great week!

World Cup (FIFA) Climbing Love

10 Jun


Hey guys! I got some great feedback on this profile that I posted over the weekend. My classes loved it too! Here’s another playlist you can use with the profile with a World Cup theme! My class loved the upbeat tunes. :) Enjoy!


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